The Ultimate Face Off


Notorious uber-model Naomi Campbell brings her hit modelling competition series, The Face, to Foxtel Australia this month. Campbell splits the talent between herself and homegrown coaches Cheyenne Tozzi and Nicole Trunfio, as they groom their girls for the grand prize of Brand Ambassador for Olay Fresh Effects. We chat to Tozzi and Trunfio about the competition, the fashion and model mentoring.

Cheyenne Tozzi

TALKING WITH Cheyenne Tozzi… Cheyenne was just 13 years old when she became one of the youngest models ever to grace the cover of prestigious Harper’s Bazaar. Since then, Cheyenne has become an international modelling sensation, gracing the covers of Mexican Vogue, German Cosmo and French Madam Figaro Magazine to name a few.

How does The Face differ from other modelling competition shows?

I think The Face is different because these girls have got agencies; they’re not just off the street. They’ve already had a little bit of success but they just haven’t reached their pinnacle yet.

What can we expect to see this season?

I think you can expect to see some really beautiful young ladies getting ready for their big careers and the fashion is incredible. There are some funny scenes, even just the campaign shoots that we do are quite hysterical.

What was your first impression upon meeting Naomi Campbell?
I was blown away by her beauty; I was staring at her for twenty minutes and I had to stop. She’s a wonderful being, she really is so smart and she’s the biggest supermodel on the planet. Just to hear her stories and her experience and to see how she handles situations and how she is with her girls – it’s really great to see.

Why is Olay Fresh Effects such a great fit for The Face’s campaign?
It’s great because it’s a prestigious job to get and any beauty campaign is really a big one for any girl. Just to be able to hold a brand, it’s really important to be able to connect to your audience. You need to be a young, fresh-faced girl and I think a new model is great.

Can you tell us about your hair, makeup and wardrobe routine?
Well I have the best makeup artist in Australia on me, Sarah Tammer. We kind of go for a youthful [look]; she does lots of beautiful things to my hair and to my face, so I’m always looking fresh. It’s all about being natural and just keeping it cool for me. I don’t really go crazy.

What designers have you been wearing while filming?
Very beautiful international designers mixed in with Australian designers. Lots of Maticevski, Sass & Bide from Alaia to Dolce & Gabbana to Cavalli, Zac Posen, basics, Scanlan & Theodore.

What are your most beloved beauty products?
My most beloved beauty products would have to be Chanel [Illusion D’Ombre in Illusoire] and for face we like SK II. Ellis Faas is great, MAC, Nars.

How do you stay healthy when you are on set?
For this show we’ve been throwing our yoga mats out and we decided that we like to do dance parties in the morning. We just put on some Beyoncé and start dancing around. It’s actually really good for you and gets your blood going. Eating-wise, I eat healthy, but if I feel like spaghetti, I’ll have it.

Who was your mentor as a young model?
Elle Macpherson helped me a lot and she still speaks to me nearly every day, she’s like “how are you going?” Elle has always been so helpful with my career and my mum was a model, my aunt is a model.

Nicole Trunfio


Talking with Nicole Trunfio… Born in Perth, Nicole Trunfio’s modelling career was launched when she won the Australian television series Search for a Supermodel. She now lives in New York and has worked with some of the industry’s leading photographers. Nicole has appeared on the covers of Australian Vogue and Elle, and shot campaigns for Isola by Megan Gale and Pleasure State. She has also walked the international runways for designers including Versace, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Christian Dior.

What qualities make a model stand out in The Face?
Because we’re looking for the face of Olay, it’s very subjective with the quality that we need – someone that has a beautiful complexion, beautiful bone structure and that is commercially strong. It’s very different than what I would like to look for, which is someone that we could pick for the international market as a supermodel. It’s a separate competition. It’s not like finding Australia’s Next Top Model.

What was your first impression upon meeting Naomi Campbell?
It was that I’m in for a ride!

What has it been like working with model royalty?
Extremely challenging, a lot of drama, not very easy but that comes with the territory, I guess.

What are your favourite Olay Fresh Effects products?
I took a bunch of them home; I really love the [{S’wipe out!} Refreshing Make-Up Removal Cloths]. They’re great just to keep by my bedside table and when I get home at night and I’m so exhausted and don’t feel like taking off my makeup.

What are your key beauty products?
I really love essential oils, just on a daily basis to use as moisturiser for the skin or perfume. I love chlorophyll in my water, I love scented candles – that’s kind of a beauty product because it makes you feel really nurtured and happy. I love bath salts and stuff like that, all organic. I’m actually taking MediHerbs, I feel like that’s the best internal beauty product you can possibly have.

Take us through a day of filming The Face…
I’m staying in Clovelly at the moment, so I usually get picked up from there, which is lovely waking up by the beach. Get to work, get on set, say hi to everyone, grab some breakfast. Get hair and makeup done, wait until Naomi arrives, find out what the day’s schedule is going to be like, start filming at the drop of a hat whenever everyone is ready to go, take on the daily challenges, then wind down, say goodbye and head home anywhere between 10pm to 2am. Wake up and do it all again! My pickups have been around 7am.

What happens in hair and makeup?
I had incredible hair and makeup from The Artist Group that were doing my hair and makeup. I had a whole team of different people that I’d been working with since I was sixteen. We had pictures of Italian Vogue stuck up all over my trailer, from floor to ceiling.

What designers will we see you sport on set?
Dion Lee, Tony Maticevski, Sass & Bide, Lover. Camilla & Marc are one of my favourites as well, Life with Bird, Ellery.

How do you stay healthy given your schedule?
I’ve been going to a place in Bondi called The Last Resort and I’ve been having treatments there. Saimaa, who has a book called Aussie Body Diet – an amazing book – she’s put me on a beautiful cleanse, not a cleanse of not eating but just really healthy foods that are really nurturing and energising for the body. I feel like if I hadn’t been on that cleanse, I probably wouldn’t be talking to you right now.

Who was your mentor as a young model?
Karl Lagerfeld was massive to me; he was the one that told me lots of things about being a woman, believe it or not. The models that were around me and also my managers from IMG have been great mentors for me.

The Face promises many meltdowns and memorable moments, with each episode serving up a conflict crescendo between the aspiring models and judges alike.

Tozzi tells us her favourite challenge was the humorous Sports Day, ordering the troupe to run around Olympic Park stadium, while Trunfio relished teaching the teams to pose and jump on a trampoline simultaneously with a delicious mix of results.

While The Face was crowned in early December 2013, Campbell, Tozzi and Trunfio are keeping their super-pouts sealed for the much anticipated premiere on FOX8, Tuesday March 18 at 8pm.