Aries is Eager, Impulsive, Idealistic and Pioneering

Aries dislikes:

  • Criticism or Reluctance to Take Risks as they consider this a lack of trust and loyalty towards them and their abilities. They will also see this as a challenge and may react with anger.
  • Slow Reactions or a Lack of Flexibility as this prevents them from taking instant action.  Speed is Aries’s middle name as they feel that anything done slowly is not worth doing.
  • Routine or ordinary things as they are easily bored and often have more energy than anyone else.  They are quick learners and once the challenge of mastering something has been overcome they will be looking for a new opportunity.
  •  Repetition or a lack of variety as they are always looking for the challenge of trying, learning or encountering something new.  A lack of challenges can often escalate into temper tantrums or fits of pique.  They may even create conflict in order to alleviate boredom.


Taurus is Diligent, Stubborn, Sensual and Traditional

Taurus dislikes:

  • Impatience and Taking the Easy Way Out as it undermines the pride they take in their skills and abilities which have been honed over time and which they apply to tasks and situations with patience and diligence.
  • Change and Inconsistency as Taurus bases their sense of security on known and established patterns of activity and behaviour.
  • Waste and Excess as they see this as a lack of practicality and a seeming unreliability to perform or produce an outcome that is useful and does not put resources at risk.
  • The Unorthodox or Unconventional as they see it as a threat to what is tried and tested.  They do not trust what has not stood the test of time and experience and therefore will view unorthodox or unconventional methods or situations with askance until they have proven their worth.


Gemini is Communicative, Flexible, Nervous and Witty

Gemini dislikes:

  • Reticence seeing it as a lack of curiosity and spontaneity.  Gemini always wants to know about everything and everyone and makes sure all are informed.
  •  Emotional Responses as they see this as irrational at best and ill-informed at worse.  They believe that emotions get in the way of clear and direct action.
  • Rigid opinions or positions as they believe that flexibility and adaptability make for better outcomes. T hey have trouble dealing with inflexible ideas and will often just walk away.
  • Controlled or Inaccessible Information as they see information as essential and therefore believe everyone should have access to it.  They dislike any move to possess information or knowledge, limit its availability or own it to the exclusion of all.



An interesting period which generates all sorts of new challenges will require both energy and patience.  This is not a time to simply charge in where others fear to tread.  The real measure of courage and volition is to be able to judge when to act and when to simply sit back.  This will test you because there will be seemingly conflicting demands and you will expect to deal with them all.  The best way of doing this is to prioritise both your time and your commitments so that you maintain focus as well as the drive needed to complete them.  Late April is the litmus test for all but especially for those with birthdays on the 3rd and 4th April.


Restrictions and limitations are the order of the day but instead of bemoaning what you cannot have, cut the cloth to fit the situation.  You will find a new sense of purpose as you work within your own limits as opposed to those imposed by others.  Discipline and restraint will produce gains so utilise your patient and steadfast nature to achieve your goals.  Be mindful however to keep a certain level of independence otherwise any gains made may be lost to rash actions or hasty decisions spurred by a fear of being left behind.


Your love of communicating may be somewhat hindered so be careful that you research the information you impart and don’t be hasty with decisions.  Otherwise there is a real potential for misunderstandings and resultant disappointment at best, or fraud at worse.  Be prepared to trust your instinct and take nothing at face value.  You value what is rational and logical but most of all, the integrity of information is paramount.  So take steps to ensure this is not devalued and vet your sources, be scrupulous in your research and be mindful of what is said to whom.


The New Year brings some challenges so make sure that you moderate expectations otherwise there is only disappointment.  The first of the challenges will be maintaining some level of stability as there will be much going on especially in the major life areas of family, relationships and career.  Your instinctual nature may want to ‘fix’ everything for everyone but resist the temptation of involving yourself with others issues or involving others in your own; this makes for messy situations which will only end in tears.  Instead, take each challenge as it manifests and deal with it from your perspective.


A good time to make some medium to long term plans as they will be an important touchstone as the year unfolds.  The importance of having plans is that it gives you something to focus on and to tick off as you achieve individual milestones.  Without this, you may find that you get stuck in a rut and feel nothing has been achieved.  The other important point is that in the next few months the value of knowing what you are aiming for will have some effect on the success of other areas of life.  You may be surprised what can be achieved on a small scale.


Your penchant for accuracy and detail may not be as sharp so take the time over decisions.  Self-criticism will only wear you down, instead be prepared to review lists or chores before committing to action.  If signing any contracts, get someone to be a second pair of eyes to minimise errors or oversights.  Intuition is heightened so pay attention to hunches as there may be more than meets your practical and down-to-earth eye and may bring a pleasant surprise.  Friendships may come under scrutiny as you realise some may be in your life under false pretences.


Cooperation and relating are what you do best but exercise discretion as not everyone has your best interests at heart.  Be prepared to voice an opinion or take a stand as the important point is to demonstrate commitment by standing by your views.  Not everyone will appreciate it but you cannot please all of the people all of the time.  Better to know where you stand and exercise your authority rather than simply running around for fear of upsetting others or not wanting to cause conflict.  You may see some unexpected outcomes as a result.


You are good at keeping things close to your chest but some will interpret this as you being stand-offish.  Although this does not last long, you may still have to rely on your own devices to get things done.  Be prepared for a fairly challenging time as you will have to struggle between breaking free of an existing situation or simply maintaining the status quo.  Your resilience will also be tested so be upfront with all your dealings, be flexible but be clear about what you want to achieve.  You will have to convince others of your intentions and the best way to do this is to engage with and meet them half-way.  After all, you have little to lose and much to gain.


Optimism is your signature but you will have to be realistic about what can be achieved given the resources at hand.  You may be caught in a dilemma where you have the drive and the motivation to get things done but be careful that in your eagerness you do not ride roughshod over others.  You also value your independence but you may have to curb your tendency if you want to realise you r goals as you may need to work with others.  Patience is what is required as well as being grounded so maintain your focus and your energy and use it to motivate others in order to realise what has been planned.


The test at hand is about your resilience and standing up to the demands that others make on your time and energy.  You have patience and perseverance on your side; however do not let this become a war of attrition as you will find yourself marginalised by conflicting commitments.  The best way of dealing with this is to prioritise matters so you are not rushing around trying to be everything to everyone.  Do not be rushed because no matter how quickly you want things to move, there will be frustrations and delays.  The best way is to deal with matters routinely and without haste.


Knowledge is an important factor in your life but do not let it dominate to the point where engaging with others is jeopardised.  Honouring relationship commitments is a priority at this time as no amount of information can address your social needs.  Isolation can takes its toll so be prepared to engage with others, especially your nearest and dearest and see this as an investment in your future instead of as a limitation of independence.  You will have to prove yourself by reaching out and doing things like initiating a social engagement.  This is one way of showing your willingness to develop connections and maintain them.


Idealism and a need to put it to work dominate actions and decisions at this time however be practical about what can be achieved.  You will have to overcome some opposition especially from those who may see you as wanting to take all the credit.  The best way to deal with this is to have a clear view of what you want to achieve, the time frame required and most importantly, a budget to work to.  There are good indications that what you attempt will be successful provided you take the necessary actions to ensure that your ideas have every chance of being realised.