Love the bra you’re in

Buying underwear can be somewhat overwhelming. So many options, styles and colours.

Your underwear can make or break your look and if you’re wearing the right bra it can even boost your confidence.

In order to get some sound and professional advice we headed to Boobytrap Warehouse to get the lowdown on how to create the ultimate bra wardrobe.


  • Just like clothes not all bra sizes are the same. It is a must to try before you buy.
  • If you are a cup size F and up you need to look for good side support and good shoulder straps.
  • You should get a professional fitting every six months to ensure you have the right fit.
  • Be sure to tighten the shoulder straps as the bra ages. Fabric will loosen over time

Put these ‘Must Haves’ on your shopping list


Most women wear a super comfy everyday bra the most. You should look for comfort, style, a great price and good quality.

Some women like to maximise their assets while other like to minimise. We have found the best options for you. So, when you’re on to a good thing buy in bulk!


Berlei Barely There Cotton Contour Bra

Screenshot 2014-11-04 21.26.55


– Go for a seamless finish

– Stick to neutral colours like nude, white and black.

– Cold weather? A moulded bra is best to combat temperature changes (if you know what we mean!)

You should wash your workhorse bra every few days in a wash bag.

– Washing your bra in a regular wash will tear the fabric and distort the hooks and underwire, it may ruin your machine or other clothing.

– You’ll know your workhorse has given up the ghost if it loses it shape, the straps keep falling down, you feel no support and it looks faded and daggy.

– An everyday bra generally will last six months depending on how you care for it.

– Get fitted often. Every six months when you lose or gain weight and in various stages of pregnancy.



Did you know not all sports bras suit all sports?

You can go for an easy crop top or a super supportive high tech marvel.

Match your bra to your activity or risk gravity taking control of your assets.


Only Berlei sports bras have been tested, used and approved by the Australian Institute of Sport.

Choose the level of support you need with the unique support factor (SF) rating system.


Berlei Electrify Wirefree Sports Bra

Screenshot 2014-11-04 21.38.34Screenshot 2014-11-04 21.38.41



 Lacy, pretty and super gorgeous underwear is a must.

Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself and a special friend to something ultra glam.

Wearing a matching set will not only give you a spring in your step but a confidence boost when you really need it.


Bassoni Bra and Tanga Set

Screenshot 2014-11-04 21.44.42 

*Have a play with suspenders, corsets and vintage high waisted briefs.

Sexy is whatever you want it to be.


Ahem…Every woman has those areas she wouldn’t mind enhancing or minimising.

Fix that problem area with…

Berlei Sculpt Cleavage Enhancing Slip

Screenshot 2014-11-04 21.49.57



A helpful little invention, you must have a convertible bra in your collection.

There is nothing worse than finding a sexy new top and not having the bra that suits the shape.

Bra straps aren’t meant to be seen and finding the right options can be tricky.


Berlei Ultimate Comfort Convertible Bra

Screenshot 2014-11-04 21.53.05


If you are a new mom or newly pregnant congrats!

Speaking from experience, a good maternity bra is a godsend. You don’t have to settle for boring granny bras.

Top tips for all new mums

  • Get fitted with a professional fitter every trimester as your body changes.
  • Buy at least two or three bras during pregnancy and if breastfeeding you may need to change more regularly.
  • If breastfeeding you will need to wear an underwire free bra to bed so comfort is a must.
  • Choose a bra with a drop down cups for easy access when feeding.
  • * The new maternity flexiwire moves with your body.


Cake Maternity Rocky Road Bra

Screenshot 2014-11-04 21.55.28