Summer Horoscopes


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces


Capricorn is Practical, Serious, Responsible and Authoritative

Capricorn’s strengths:

  • An ability to realise goals in a realistic and practical manner based on known facts and experience. They rely on their own experience and knowledge of process to get things done.
  • Take life seriously because there are no second chances. Capricorn believes that all opportunities must be explored and realised as failure is not an option.
  • Exercise authority and control which ensures no surprises and results which are favourable, lucrative and tangible.
  • Responsible because no one else can be trusted to tick all the boxes. Success in any given endeavour is what matters and they will leave no stone unturned.


Aquarius is Individualistic, Inventive, Detached and Altruistic

Aquarius strengths:

  • Innovation is a by-word for Aquarians as they always look to do things outside the square and are attracted to cutting-edge ideas.
  • Independence as they like to do things in their own way and avoid being reliant on others for either practical or emotional support.
  • Detached because they believe that objectivity ensures that there are no biases when it comes to making decisions or completing a project.
  • Altruism underlines the Aquarian personality and they believe collective concerns are more important than individual needs. They are often driven by a cause or an ideal.


Pisces is Caring, Sympathetic, Emotional and Creative

Pisces strengths:

  • Care of others underpins the Piscean nature as they strive to find common bonds with others.
  • Sensitivity is expressed in love of the natural world and in their relationships with others. They can sometimes take on other’s problems to their own detriment.
  • Creativity for a Piscean finds an outlet not only in love of the creative arts such as music or painting but also in other disciplines which allows them to leave behind the ordinary and mundane.
  • Imagination is something that Pisceans treasures as it allows them to rise above the routine of life and explore possibilities which to others may seem remote or unavailable.




Unrest flavours the beginning of this period and its origins may lie with others. Resist the temptation to blame or pick an argument and instead have outlets for excess energy as well as alternatives to existing plans. This may be stressful for some with a resulting loss of energy and feeling you have hit a brick wall and this may put paid to activities in the short term. Little is achieved by stubbornly pushing things through regardless as the only result will be a bad headache. Reflect on what has and what has not worked and make the necessary adjustments. These may include finalising or bringing some matters to an end.


Strong feelings surrounding an idea or ideal will fuel your actions now. You will find that your conservative nature may be challenged to adapt to changing circumstances. This is not a time to be stubborn or set in your ways as it will not help you realise your goals. Being flexible should bring opportunities to put your skills to use and this will help you gain some level of public recognition. The results of efforts will be productive as well as creative and should help set up a reputation for flexibility, reliability.


Be prepared to use your skill with words and language to make a point especially where your priorities are concerned. The situation can no longer remain the same as the tension that has been brewing is now evident. Change is called and the test is about how much to keep and how much to let go. This involves a re-assessment of things in your life which up to now have either been taken for granted or you have simply been putting up with. Speaking your mind and putting your concerns forward is the first step in gaining respect and credibility.


A period or matter is now coming to a close and you may want to take the opportunity to put things in order so you can move on. Your sensitive nature may find this difficult as you will have to let go of something or someone dear to you. Emotional bonds are the basis of your security and changing or ending them is always a challenge. For some, this may mean simply readjusting the connection but for others it may mean an irrevocable end. Take the opportunity to reflect on what you had and appreciate the good times as one phase ends and another is set to begin.


You will find yourself having to put in some hard work as this is a period initially of some confusion and uncertainty. Do not let it erode confidence but instead see it as a challenge where you prove to yourself that you can rise to the occasion. There may be opportunities to exercise competence and build credibility but do not be impatient with yourself or with the conditions which surround you. This is a process so take each step as it is presented. The important thing is to keep your goal in mind and remember it is a test of what you can do rather than what you cannot.


Your love of detail and precision is compromised with some misunderstanding or confusion. You will have to work hard to rectify the situation and the important thing is not to overestimate the situation. Be mindful of what needs to be done, do not hesitate to ask for help and be prepared to accept constructive comments. The worse thing you could do is to take things personally as this will only undermine your confidence. Stay focused and this hump will eventually play itself out and may even bring unexpected opportunities.


There are some dramas surrounding you especially involving family. You may be placed in a position of referee and this will be a real challenge. Your first instinct is to try and appease all concerned but you will only find that this does not sit well with the others. Your best option is to refrain from trying to please everyone and instead get all those concerned to talk to each other. In this way you put yourself in the best position to help clear up the situation without being seen to take sides. This will also go down well with all parties concerned and should help bring matters to a successful conclusion.


There might be some instability or unexpected circumstances which arise and cause uncertainty. Anxiety levels will rise as a result and so managing this time is important especially as it will dovetail with the Christmas period. Be careful as the stress may take its toll on health and vitality. Take steps to ensure that you manage this as there is a temptation to use excess to counter the stress, whether it is food, alcohol or anything else. Exercise restraint and this will be your best weapon as it will provide certainty as well as build a platform for productivity in the New Year.


Finances are the focus but be prepared for some frustration as there will not seem to be any forward motion in this time. Patience is needed to work through what seem to be competing needs and the key in doing is to prioritise the essential from the desirable. Your enthusiastic nature will want to move through and get things done quickly and will be dismayed that this will not happen. Avoid this by setting small goals every week rather than one big one every month and focus on accomplishing it. In this way, you will have incremental gains and minimise the frustration. You may also find that priorities may vary and fluctuate in urgency so maintain flexibility and adjust things as needed.


Birthday celebrants between the 3rd and 6th of January will find the tests of twelve months ago are revisited: where the need to make changes versus the need to retain things which have served you well in the past are again in the spotlight. Have you made those changes? How are you faring as a result? This is the last stage because what is outdated is now on its last legs and will pass away from mid-January. Take the opportunity to clean away the remains and prepare yourself for new beginnings. Your practical nature should revel in the challenge and look forward to enjoying the results.


For Aquarians, there are more questions than answers but that is how you like it. The quest to push the boundaries of knowledge and information is always there and there are opportunities to do so. Those celebrating birthdays between the 28th January and 11th February should be mindful that words and actions may come up against opposition. You may have to re-think your tactics in order to convince others or to get your ideas accepted. Pushing something just because you think is the best solution does not always go down well. Subtlety and patience will be better options and also minimise frustration. Do not expect the big miracle but be thankful for small victories.


Your sensitive nature leaves you vulnerable to others especially if you have not formed strong boundaries. This is the challenge of this period as you look to isolate what your feelings are versus what you feel others may want from you. This is important because fears and insecurities can cloud judgement. This will be especially emphasised for those born between 19th and 26th February. You will have to stand up for yourself to make a point and this may lead to some conflict with others as they see as you being ‘uncaring’ or ‘insensitive’. This may cause some hurt or anxiety but if you do not buy into it and maintain your integrity, then you will not be drawn into emotional games. The important thing is to learn to develop the boundaries that keep you emotionally safe but do not curtail your ability to connect with others.