We ask the talented Sam from Orbe Hair for her expert insights into the latest hair trends this season, here’s what she had to share…


sam profileSam James-Cockayne, SALON DIRECTOR
ORBE North Adelaide

You are in for a treat with so many trends happening for winter, think bangs bangs and bangs! Most bangs are being tweaked from last year’s full heavy looks to chopped up random, lighter and piecey looks to frame faces. There’s a shape for everyone, try longer side bangs to soften wider cheeks or high choppy wider lines to suit narrower face shapes. The lob has gone shorter. The collarbone length is no longer the crowd favourite but rather a cut that’s up above the shoulders with a slight layer is killing it everywhere. Those who love their length, layer it up an add some bangs.

emilio pucci bangsEmilio Pucci runway //

From high-end fashion shows around the world to commercial high street editorials we are seeing some very strong trends for winter including seriously well done bed hair with matte chalky textures and lots of bulk to it. Whether it be roughly waved with curling tongs, curling only bits of the hair to create an uneven surface or up in a loose pony or braid with strands hanging out to re-create a fresh out of bed vibe..

bed hair 2
messy hair

The ombré era when you see obvious colour placement from dark to light or dark to green faded in etc. is being revamped to brighten up that heavy dark root area. We are seeing more blended colours with more variation working through the root area leaving more of a shadow of the roots and more life and colour in the mid lengths of the hair. It’s all about the soft ombre #sombre

Dying over Khloe Kardashian getting her new era ombre tones perfect. She always has hot styling thanks to her glam team, be it straight or wavy she makes it work EVERY TIME

Visit Sam at the salon to get these looks or ask for a look that’s styled just for you.

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