CBKD x BNKR // Debut Collection

The debut collection of BNKR exclusive label CBKD x BNKR has hit the streets & we get the scoop from Head Designer COOPER DAVIS

Cooper Davis

 Cooper Davis, HEAD DESIGNER


 What does CBKD stand for?
Cooper Brian Kevin Davis, which is my full name.

What does CBKD aspire to be?
Fun, experimental and playful, and making use of prints to further the designs rather than relying on them.

 Who is it for?
A girl who really knows her own style and isn’t worried about what anyone thinks of it. Her taste in everything is bold and so are her opinions – definitely not for a wallflower.

cbkd x bnkr models

 What inspired the debut collection?
In terms of prints, it’s a mix of Jumanji-inspired Africana and Japanese Ukiyo-e art of folk spirits. The shapes are things I found the BNKR customer was really after mixed in with traditional Japanese kimono tailoring, which is very 2-D and forms a shape around the body instead of conforming to it.

 How long did it take to put together?
It’s been around a year or so in the works now all up, but I was set on the designs really early on. It’s mostly fittings and samplings to make sure everything is just as I imagined.

 What is your favourite piece in this collection?
I really love the MATANGI DRESS. The kind of girl who wears this dress would be a
straight-up firecracker – style icon Nicole Wong, for example, recently wore it and looked wild.


 What designers inspire you?
Alexander McQueen, for his unrelenting pursuit of technical mastery; Martin Margiela, for his anonymity and Rei Kawakubo, for extending her avant garde design to every aspect of her company.

 What direction will the next collection be taking?
My attention span is too short when it comes to inspiration, so only time will tell.

 What did you study?
I studied an Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology at TAFE SA and finished in 2013 with my graduate collection ‘Our Diana in Babylon’.

_MG_8608-Edit copy 2

 FAST FIVE ft. Cooper Davis

When I have a creative mind block I like to… aimlessly
browse the internet until I find something new to obsess over.

If you know me you’ll know that… there’s nothing I love more than a next-level Would You Rather?.

My anthem is…  MTBD by CL of 2NE1.

I’m obsessed with… pekingese dogs and video games.

I never leave the house without… phone, wallet, and keys. It’s all I need to be ready for the world.


Photography: Gretl Watson-Blazewicz & Alistair Nicholls
Hair and Make Up: Isabella Iasenzaniro (crystals by Swarovski)
Stylist: Monica Morales