5 Steps To Revitalise Your Skin


It’s been a long, cold and wet winter in Adelaide and there’s a good chance your skin is paying for it. Sitting curled up in front of the heater, not drinking enough water and wrapping your skin up in warm woolly clothes may not have done your skin any favours. You’re probably starting to freak out about the skirt and singlet weather ahead.  Fear not, Naturopath, Karina from Sowelu Wellness shares 5 tips that will have you glowing and ready for spring in no time!


Karina, Naturopath

    It’s always talked about, but water really is key.
    Drinking 2-3L of water daily is necessary to stay hydrated, particularly in the cooler months when you are surrounded by dry, warm air indoors.
    Set yourself goals and reminders to drink across the day.
    I have key times where I stop and take a sip of water. In between each client, at the lights when I am driving, when I get in and out of the car and I set myself goals. I finish my first 600ml before I get to work and if I look down at my water bottle at 11am and the next 600ml isn’t finished, I finish it. Same again by 2pm, 5pm and so on.
    If you’re feeling a little bored with water, jazz it up with some fresh lemon, lime, or mint. Or if you prefer something a little warmer, head for a peppermint or chamomile tea. The trick with herbal teas is to avoid those that have caffeine, artificial flavours or sweeteners. A quick check of the ingredients panel should clear that up. Black tea and green tea both contain caffeine, so watch out for those.
    Dry skin brushing, exfoliating or using a salt, sugar or coffee scrub is perfect here. You’ll get rid of those dry, dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.
    To dry skin brush, use a firm bristled brush before you get into the shower.
    Start with your arms and work in a circular motion in towards the heart. Then move to your feet and head again, in a circular motion, up towards your heart. When you get to your tummy, scrub clockwise around your belly button. You should be brushing firmly enough to turn your skin nice and pink, but you shouldn’t be hurting or bleeding.
  3. OIL UP
    Get some good oils both into your diet and onto your skin.
    Good oils help to lock in moisture, preventing that dry, scaly skin we all know and hate.
    When you’re finished dry skin brushing and you’ve had a nice warm shower, grab some coconut oil and cover yourself in it – especially your face!
    Coconut oil not only locks in the moisture, but it has antibacterial properties making it perfect for blemished or broken skin. If the feeling of coconut oil is too heavy on your face, try using Rose Hip oil. I use this nightly as my ‘night cream’ and love it.
    * Tip – If your coconut oil is cold it will set hard. So pop the jar into some hot water and wait for it to melt before applying. This will ensure it doesn’t go on too thickly.
    If your hair is also suffering from the effects of winter, you can use coconut oil as a hair mask too! Simply cover your dry hair with coconut oil, leave it to sit for 15 minutes or so, then wash and style as normal.
    Getting plenty of good oils into your diet is easy, simply add avocado and nuts to salads, snack on raw nuts and seeds and enjoy fish 1 to 2 nights per week. You can also use good oils like coconut oil in salad dressings and bliss balls.
    Have you ever seen a red blood cell with oxidative damage? I have and they look like wrinkled little cells. So it’s no surprise that when your body is suffering from oxidative damage, your skin starts to look dry and wrinkly too. The solution however is pretty simple. Remove things from your diet that cause oxidative damage like sugar, processed food and cigarettes and increase anti-oxidant rich foods like dark leafy vegetables, fresh fruit and super-foods like raw cacao and acai berry.
    Doing a juice cleanse, like Bodhi Cleanse, is the perfect way to push your nutrient intake into overdrive and kick start some healthier eating habits. If you do choose to cleanse, make sure you cleanse with organic, cold pressed, unpreserved juices, to ensure you are getting the highest amount of anti-oxidants with no nasty additives and minimal sugars.
    For more information on Bodhi Cleanse, visit www.BodhiCleanse.com.au
    Exercise promotes circulation and sweating supports the release of toxins, so get yourself moving regularly. Anything that gets you sweaty is perfect, so if running, kickboxing or cross fit isn’t your thing, try some hot yoga it’ll make for a nice change to the chilly Adelaide weather!

If you’re suffering from dry, scaly skin, eczema or acne and these simple tips aren’t enough, you may need a more personalised approach to skin care. At Sowelu Wellness, we assess all areas of your diet and lifestyle and we conduct any necessary testing while taking into account your past medical history and symptom history. From this we are able to plan a treatment that is holistic, natural and personalised, ensuring the very best of results.

To book an appointment visit www.SoweluWellness.com.au or email Karina Karina@SoweluNaturopathy.com.au