Horoscopes Autumn 2016


Your usual drive and energy may be lacking or at least at an ebb so be careful what commitments you make at this time. Too many will drain your reserves and will only serve to frustrate you as you struggle to maintain an active lifestyle. Consider that the challenge in front of you is not just about strength but resilience in spite of perceived shortcomings. This is a time to prioritise how you use your energy as it will be at a premium. It calls for sustained effort and patience as you will need to build up both strength of mind and body.


Idealism and rose-coloured glasses will influence decisions and actions to begin with, so respect your practical nature and look before you leap. There are many seemingly attractive offers but there is no such thing as a free lunch so do your research before making any commitments. There will be pressure to take action and assert independence but the results will either be short-lived or fraught with drama and instability. You are better off biding your time as things will get easier by the end of April when you will not have to struggle so much.


You start the year on the back foot and rather than trying to force the issue, be patient or be prepared to tackle matters in alternative ways. There may also be a sense that things are ending and so the need to wrap them up is emphasised. Take advantage of April and most of May to get things done as after the 21st of May, things will start to slow down. There is an emphasis on accuracy so be persistent and focused as this will help you achieve your goals in spite of the seeming frustrations.


The focus on resources and money should be heeded. Do not take anything for granted and be prepared to deal with matters as they come to light. Any doubts should be addressed and do not hesitate to get advice or help as needed. There may be a sense of urgency in April so do your best without haste and with purpose. Try not to avoid decisions or actions as a steady and focused approach will get you better results rather than letting things accumulate as you may then find yourself dealing with more than you bargained for.


Your need for recognition and acknowledgement gets a boost as actions now will bring you to the attention of those in authority. Be prepared to work at this and resist the temptation to sit back on your laurels because this will only have negative repercussions. Some will have to deal with power struggles in early April so the best way is to stand firm on principles but do not get angry or arrogant. Early June will bring its own challenges including confusion, weary resignation and a lowering of vitality. Stay positive and active but do not burn the candle at both ends.


You are dealing with those who are being either contrary or obstructive to your plans and ideas and for some there is a sense of ‘déjà vu’. It may be best to use your organising skills and meticulous nature to look for alternatives rather than feel you are hitting your head against a brick wall. Additionally, precision and an attention to detail especially when dealing with contracts or agreements will be your best weapon against hearsay or rumour.


Your tendency to be lured to what looks good or balanced or to what you consider to be ideal may cause a few problems. Do not take things at face value and be prepared to ask the hard questions and look past the surface. There is more than meets the eye and you may have to risk upsetting some in your quest to get to the real issues. Others will not like what you are doing but if you are prepared to back yourself and your principles instead of simply being pleasant or pleasing, then you will have much to gain.


The challenge for this period is to ensure that you do not get frustrated with the lack of forward movement after a period of seemingly effortless results. Some hard work is required In spite of what has already been achieved and you will be tempted to push your limits. While this may work in the short term, it will be counterproductive as it may result in exhaustion and possible illness. In spite of the pressure to get things done, look after yourself and deal with one thing at a time.


The biggest challenge at the moment is to be consistent in your approach to both people and situations. The last six months have pushed you to find alternatives in order to deal with new and existing situations as well as adjusting your goals. You will find yourself moving into a period where the frustrations, delays and seemingly endless problems will be slowly abating. By the end of June, the resolution to a long-standing issue and its effects on your life will be revealed.


Your responsible and hard working nature will come under the spotlight as the decisions which have been made must now stand the test. Although you are not known for your optimism, you may be tempted to be over-confident as to what can be achieved. However, delays are in the wind so do not despair, instead take this in your stride and put your efforts not so much in trying to avoid the delays, but in persevering with your objectives and using your legendary patience to prepare for when things start to move forward again.



Independence is very important to you and this may be compromised at this time. There will be periods in which you will feel stifled and you will be tempted to lash out. This will only lead to frustration at best, or a sense of hopelessness. Instead look to putting your shoulder to the wheel and persevere with your projects. This is a time to keep your head down and focus on what you can do for now. Use this time to rearrange your plans for when things ease up and be prepared to be flexible,


The lack of consistency has been an ongoing feature bringing with it sustained pressure to perform as expected. Your sensitivity will have to be put aside in favour of practicality as you will need to be not only flexible but also focused. This eases off a fraction at the end of April but there is still the challenge to keep your goals in your sights and not be tempted to change them in spite of opposition from others especially those in authority.