Right ladies. Gym gear is for the gym. Sneakers are for walking and running. Trackies are for the couch. I know it’s not always realistic to glam up but you can easily change a few wardrobe habits to feel better and look more stylish with little to no effort.


With my recommended 5 key pieces and you will have a comfortable, practical and versatile wardrobe all year round that can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. Ready? Get a pen…

  1. Vans

No ladies not the one you take your kids to school in. If you like a flat but don’t have time to worry about colour matching with your outfit or sneakers are your usual choice, go for a pair of white vans instead. They’re comfortable, practical and allow you to run around after the kids plus you don’t have to worry about them clashing with your outfit because they are white. Don’t panic. White shoes aren’t hard to keep clean. The wipes are not just good for babies bums and faces!


  1. Jeans

While you should try to avoid getting into a jean rut, owning a great pair of fitted fashion jeans is pretty much an essential wardrobe staple for busy mums. It doesn’t matter if you wear a boyfriend, skinny or straight leg you just need to ensure that they support your tummy, hug your hips and waist (no love handles or granny undie appearances please) and they make you look like you have just had a bum lift (or you have actually worn your gym gear to the gym!).


  1. Versatile jacket

This is a jacket you can wear with everything for every occasion including a playground date. Go for a stretch fabric like a Ponte Jacket as it will move and mould to your body. They’re super comfortable and when you want to layer thicker fabrics underneath they will give in the right places. As an added bonus they’re reasonably easy to care for, there is no ironing and you can usually get them throughout the year in a range of different colours.


  1. Scarf

Since it’s cold out there, a scarf is a must have. Aim for one that isn’t too chunky, too thin or too short. You want to maximize the wear all year round so you need a scarf that you can wear long, wrap around your neck (without choking yourself) and is wide enough to create some fullness otherwise what’s the point if it doesn’t keep you warm or act as hero piece for your outfit.


  1. Grey V neck T

The grey t-shirt is the most wearable and one of the cheapest additions to any wardrobe (unless you’re supporting major fashion brands then my last statement was a straight up lie). Moving forward, a grey T-shirt is classy and can take a casual outfit into something edgy and on trend. For warmer months throw on jeans, vans and your favourite printed scarf and you are out the door. Dress it up with your skinny jeans, Ponte Jacket, a stunning long necklace and your ankle boots and your coffee date ready in a flash. Your new grey T will look great with pretty much everything in your wardrobe including maxi skirts and casual pants. Style trick – go for a V neck to show off a little bit of cleavage, it adds a little bit of sex factor while reducing the size of your chest and cleverly drawing attention up to your face.



By By Rachel Tansell-Paues