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Orbe, North Adelaide was the proud winner of Adelaide’s Best Hair & Beauty Salon/Spa at June’s 2016 City Awards. Sam-James Cockayne, Director of the salon that opened in 2014, with partners Ida Tirimacco and Joe Cimmino, were on hand to pick up their award alongside Adelaide’s best and brightest winners, showcasing both the city’s youthful entrepreneurship and celebrating iconic businesses that show a city merging old and new. 

It’s been a stellar year for Sam and her team at Orbe, winning this year’s National Visionary Award, making national finalist in AHIA Newcomer Business of the Year and most recently, a nomination in the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Awards. It’s these awards however, largely peer nominated that mean a significant deal to Sam and the team. “We are proud to consistently win awards relating to the technical aspects of hairdressing as these mean we know we are at the cutting edge of our field in hairdressing – but this is our first business award and it’s incredibly satisfying to know that the public have voted for us and this has been recognised,” said Sam after receiving her award. 

SA Style chats with the lady herself in the wake of the big win – seeing the bright future of the North Adelaide salon AND this season’s must-have hair looks…

How does it feel to win Best Hair & Beauty Salon/Spa and be recognised by the industry on such an incredible level

Sam: Winning this award feels amazing as it’s our first business award. I think it will always be special. Also being voted as one of the top three salons by the public before going to an industry judging panel feels very rewarding. 

What does this mean for your Orbe North Adelaide salon?

Sam: The salon is running on excitement at the moment as both our team and clients are so proud – they played a huge part in us winning the award. So onwards and upwards for us as we look to grow our team and welcome in many more new clients. Also gaining recognition nationally within our industry is really exciting as it opens up more opportunities for us across the country. Orbe North Adelaide - SA Style Magazine - adelaide

How has Orbe North Adelaide grown since opening in 2014? 

Sam: When we opened we had a smaller client base and 2 less staff than we have currently. Now, Orbe North Adelaide has 3 busy seniors with a fantastic client base and a constant buzz in the salon thanks to all of our achievements over the last 2 years. We have worked really hard to be at the forefront of our industry and be as current and highly skilled as we possibly can be. We are definitely celebrating the rewards and hard work paying off. 

Where do you hope to take the salon in the coming years? 

Sam: There are so many exciting things in the pipeline for us. We are currently working on new competition submissions, both photographically and for business. We will definitely continue to grow our team and making sure they have all the knowledge and tools they need to be the best stylists possible. Creating new relationships and branching out into new territory is always exciting, so working alongside some different charities and of course, hoping to win the award again next year! 

Do you have any exciting new projects or collaborations in the works?

Sam: So we’ve just finished our pop up ORBE bar at the Cabaret Festival which was great with our Norwood team. We are now gearing up for the Hair & Beauty SA competitions being held in August, where I will be on the judging side and many of the team will be entering. I’m also off to Sydney on the 24th of July as a national finalist in the Goldwell Color Zoom competition, where the winner will be flown to Stockholm to represent Australia – (I’m just so excited to make top ten!). Also developing concepts for a team photo shoot later this year and definitely lots of collaborating going on with local stylists, models and photographers to keep creative juices flowing. 

What are the current hair trends this season?

Sam: This season is really about being bold. We’re seeing lots of texture through shorter and longer lengths. Not so much disconnection but slightly more blend to create that perfect texture. Ladies are loving cutting it off and still having versatility with varied pixie cuts and those with length are wearing it edgier with cool fringes. Colour trends this season are much warmer. Brighter reds and beautiful rose golds with blended techniques and slightly hidden colour, so a lot of fun to be had definitely this season as there’s a shade to suit everyone. 

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