5 Teas We Love

It looks like the ol’ gloomy weather is sticking around a little longer this year so why not make the most of it by heading couch-bound for a feel good flick and one of your favourite teas? Here’s a peek at the brews we’ve been loving this chilly season.


Pukka Cleanse –  With a blend of organic nettle, fennel and peppermint, this tea is perfecto for an after dinner sip. It aids digestion and boosts your immune system plus it has the word ‘cleanse’ in it so you feel like a total wellness warrior while you drink it down.

Kromland Farm Organic Rooibos Raspberry Tea – We love to have a bit of rooibos in our lives and the raspberry really gives it a sweet kick. Perfect for slurping down when that 3pm sugar craving hits to avoid any unnecessary runs to the supermarket for a choccy bar.  Let’s face it though; sometimes it’s blissfully unavoidable!

Tea Drop Honeydew Green – This tea is an absolute favourite of ours.  We love, love, love that it has all the benefits of green tea along with the added excitement of a subtle apricot and melon flavour. We could drink this tea all day, errr’y day. Slightly sweet but never sickly and always delish.

Pukka Clean Green – This drop is more of a pure green brew but has a slight lemony lift to it.  We adore how simple and satisfying a cup of this stuff is. An enthusiastic thumbs up from us!

Davids Tea Birthday Cake – If you’re out of champers and you need a celebratory beverage then this Birthday Cake tea will totally do the trick. I mean, it has rainbow sprinkles so we are definitely in, celebration or not!

Now toast up some crumpets because it’s time to drink some tea. xx

emma lindblom profile - SA Style magazineBy Emma Lindblom