Wedding Guest Attire Dos and Dont’s

It’s about to be wedding season and the biggest conundrum is upon us: what on earth do I wear? Striking the balance between showing off your own personal style and making sure you don’t show up the bride in any way or step on any toes, can sometimes be hard. We break down our top do’s and don’ts so you can make sure that you don’t put your proverbial foot in it and to ensure you have a fantastic time celebrating your friend’s special day.

wedding dos and donts - SA style magazine

DON’T wear white

Okay, just had to get this one out of the way as it’s pretty obvious. Don’t wear white, off-white, cream, eggshell, meringue… any of it. Even if your bride says she doesn’t mind – you’ll probably get disapproving looks from other guests which is not ideal. Unless you’re a bridesmaid and that’s the theme, steer cautiously clear.

DO pay attention to the dress code

Make sure you pay attention to the invite – it’s easy to get an invitation and just immediately decide to wear something you’ve had in the closet for the next wedding. You’ll be better off making sure you understand the dress code, ask around to see how others are dressing to avoid rocking up drastically under or overdressed. Nobody wants to be stuck at a beach wedding with a ball gown and 9-inch stilettos.

DON’T wear something too revealing

As tempting as it is to wear that backless, frontless, sideless dress with a leg split up to your eyes, perhaps think twice before going too revealing for a wedding. Consider the guest list, family members and what the vibe of the day will be. Last thing you want is a nip-slip 10 minutes in while you’re talking to somebody’s great aunt.

DO choose a timeless style

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but especially in the digital age, they are forever. 10, 15, 20 years on your bride and groom will have a lovely group shot framed and above the mantle piece. There’s a time to experiment with fads and that’s not to a wedding (unless that’s the theme which would be awesome – wouldn’t they be great wedding photos?).

DON’T ignore the comfort factor

Weddings are long days and nights. If you’re uncomfortable, it will severely hinder your ability to have a good time. Look for clothing with that perfect balance of comfort and style. If  you wear something that’s ‘not you’ which is often a common mistake when people dress for formal occasions, you won’t feel right all night. Wear your dancing shoes – if you’ve just spent a pretty penny on some new heels, make sure you wear them out at least once or around the house for a good while so you know where the pressure points are. Blisters are not fun and will prevent you from hitting the dancefloor for that girly dance towards the end of the night. And who wants that?

DO consider the venue

Get an idea of whether you’re going to be spending more time outdoors or indoor – if it’s a transitional season and it’s likely to be a little chilly, make sure you bring a shawl or a jacket. If it’s a colder season, it’s worth checking with the bride or groom if there’s going to be a coat check. That way you can bring a deliciously warm coat to make sure you don’t catch a cold on the way in or home.

We’ve picked a few of our favourites from the Spring ’16 issue to get you started. Next step – go shopping! Like you needed an excuse.

Wedding Attire - SA Style Magazine
1. JETTY ROAD GLENELG Lumiere Cooper burning man dress $629 & NORWOOD PLACE Nine West tullip block heel $149.95
2. HARBOUR TOWN Cue Dion Lee cargo dress was $300 now $99 & ADELAIDE CENTRAL PLAZA David Jones Mimco heel $249
3. BURNSIDE VILLAGE Karen Millen floral jumpsuit $545 & RUNDLE PLACE Country Road Karen rope heel $189

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