Jessica Mauboy – Songs from The Secret Daughter

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All of Australia has fallen in love with Jessica again since the debut two weeks ago of the Seven Network hit show, The Secret Daughter. In an original story developed specifically for her, Jessica portrays a part-time country pub singer whose chance meeting with a wealthy city hotelier triggers a series of events that will change her life forever. The Secret Daughter is full of heart, humour, romance and plenty of music.
Songs from the Original TV series – The Secret Daughter was released last Friday through Sony Music Entertainment Australia. A 17-track album that features some impressive and dynamic covers of familiar songs, alongside a handful of brand new original recordings.

SA Style were lucky enough to catch up with Jess and congratulate her ourselves. We couldn’t wait to hear about the exciting new album…

Did you doing anything special to celebrate the album release?

I was with Sony Music in the morning and they had a bit of surprise ‘confetti’ moment. It was quite emotional. They knew I had been working really hard and I was heavily involved in sharing the love for show [The Secret Daughter]. I feel so proud and I really just wanted to sit in the moment.

There are 5 original songs and 12 covers. How did you go about compiling the album and in particular choosing which songs to cover?

It wasn’t too difficult as we wanted to really base it off the show whilst collaborating a little more. The songs had already been written into the show so I took those live original recordings and re-worked them. I used my character, Billie Carter, and her emotions and put my twist on it, incorporating my musical knowledge and my voice in there.

How do you feel the Original Recordings album for Secret Daughter compares to your other albums?

This record is really different to anything I have ever done before. It’s really basic and that’s the beauty of it. From an acoustic guitar to incredible harmonies and a basic piano line. It’s special to be able to sit there and just ‘jam’ the song, then find a way to structure it. It wasn’t hard to piece it together, I just sung it from the heart and [with the cover songs] I put my interpretation on it. I was really scared to cover Flame Trees [by Cold Chisel]. Everyone has their own interpretation of that song, it’s such a classic in this country so it was a scary move. As well as the Avicii track Wake Me Up – that was one that I had to really think about and not take away from the original too much.

Tell us about the main theme song Risk It. How did this track come about?

I felt extremely lucky with this song. The producer who worked on it with me is a good friend of mine, as well as Tania Doko who came forward and first presented the track – it was her song and it came from her own experiences. The lyrics of the song were parallel to the story, which we hadn’t even started to film yet, and it just seemed like a natural fit. I brought it up in one of the music-production meetings and everyone just loved it. So even though it wasn’t written specifically for the series, it tells the story of Billie Carter and what she goes through, and so it was a perfect match and a great way to launch the album and TV series.

Get your hands (and ears) on the album here

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