5 Tips to Creating a Dream-Worthy Bedroom


1. Invest in good bed linen.
We all know that ‘new bed linen’ feeling – that moment of pure deliciousness which compels you to make snow angels in your sheets (or is that just me?). Plus we spend roughly a third of our lives in bed, so why not splurge on making our bed a place we want to be? Investing in good bed linen can do more than make our bed feel good – it can complete the look of your bedroom. 

Aim to collect mix and match bed linen that can work in any combination, while still keeping within a theme or colour scheme. This means you can create different looks each time you refresh your bed, but also means there’s no pressure to have a certain sheet set and quilt cover clean at the same time. Layering bed linen in different patterns, colours and textures can create impact and gives your bedroom a comfortable but luxurious vibe.

My pick: The Odin Quilt Cover in Tawny Pink or Mid Grey from Country Road. It’s made of 100% linen which is perfect coming into summer, plus gets softer and snugglier with use. Splurge-worthy!

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2. Home is where the art is.
Artwork is a great way to really put a personal spin on your bedroom and connect the different elements in the space. Whether it be a print, canvas, tapestry or a collection of pieces hung from the wall, artwork should unite and work with the colour schemes and style in your bedroom. If you’re struggling to pick a colour scheme, it’s often a good idea to choose a piece of art first and then draw out two or three colours in that artwork to play with. A feature piece above the bed is a safe option, or you can mix it up by using a picture ledge with a few coordinating prints instead. Short on cash? A large pin-up board layered with your favourite images and magazine pages is simple but extremely effective.


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3. From the window to the wall.
Wall colour and window coverings have a huge impact on the mood of a space as they take up a large portion of any room. For those of us who tend to get sick of things easily (*raises hand*), keeping to a neutral wall colour allows smaller items and furniture pieces to be changed and updated more regularly without worrying about clashing colour schemes. If you are after a more coordinated, subtle or tonal bedroom, keep the window coverings within the same realm of colour as the walls. This prevents them from being a focal point but can compliment and add depth to the space. If you’re after more of a statement look, go for a bold or bright colour or pattern.

My pick: ‘Dieskau’ by Dulux. A pale, warm grey wall colour which has just enough depth to contrast against a white ceiling or trims, but is light enough to still give an open, airy feel.


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4. Don’t forget the floor.
Floor treatments are often forgotten but should never be underestimated. A rug is a must-have for most bedrooms, whether it be a statement or complimentary to the existing flooring in order to not draw too much attention. For bigger bedrooms, a rug can have a grounding effect and help to break up large areas. For smaller bedrooms, a small feature rug such as the one below can be enough to add texture and interest without taking over the room.

My Pick: Marigold Round Rug by Armadillo & Co. One of my all-time favourites and just seems to work in any space!


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Emily O'Brien blog - bedroom basics
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5. Get creative!
Change up your bedside table by using a stack of magazines or a chair instead (a Bentwood is perfect), or hang textured curtains or pretty fabric as a bedhead. Tired of that old chest of drawers you picked up for a bargain at that second-hand place around the corner? Give it a coat of paint or change the handles. The possibilities are endless!

Emily O'Brien blog - bedroom basics

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