Quick Q&A with Portabello Hair


Dear Danni, I’m trying to grow my hair long, but I get a lot of split ends. How can I get rid of them without losing length?

If you’re getting split ends, you need to evaluate the cause. It could be anything from heat styling, not getting your hair cut regularly enough or from chemical services, such as colouring. Ideally, to prevent split ends, it would be best to have the ends trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. This will ensure the split ends don’t travel up the hair shaft. If you are styling your hair regularly with a hot tool such as a hairdryer or straightening iron, ensure you only use a medium heat. For example, the Cloud Nine Straightening Iron is best at 150 to 175 degrees. To prep your hair for heat styling, always apply a heat protector before blow drying. I recommend Schwarzkopf Bonacure Colour Freeze CC Cream. This product is a leave in moisturiser that also adds heat protection up to 220 degrees. Alternatively, use Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Sealed Ends which is a leave in sealer that will help to reduce the likelihood of further split ends.


Dear Danni, no matter what I do at the beginning of the day, my hair is totally flat by the end. What should I do? 

Having flat hair can be such a pain, yet products will play a big part in avoiding this and it all starts with prepping your hair before you wash it. Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost Shampoo is a lightweight formula that will give you a fuller feeling from your roots right down to your ends. After you shampoo, you should condition your hair however, avoid conditioning your roots as this can often be too overburdening. Before you blow dry, use a product that will promote fullness. OSiS+ Session Label Plumping Lotion is a lightweight formula that will give full yet velvety body and a textured feel. Work a pea sized amount into damp hair and comb through to ensure it is distributed evenly and blow dry as normal. Additionally, once your hair is dry you can spray a volume spray like OSiS+ Volume Up that provides weightless and flexible control with instant voluminous texture. Tip your head upside down and spray short bursts from approximately 30cm away. Tip: Tilting your head upside down whilst blow drying or finishing your style will both raise your roots and reach underneath the sections.


Danni Mills is a Senior Stylist and Make-up Artist at Portabello Hair in Hyde Park. She specialises in precision cutting, creative colouring, event make-up and has expert product knowledge.

By Danni Mills