11 Reasons Why Being Aussie is Awesome

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While the jury may still be out on whether the celebrating of Australia on the 26th of January is in fact morally and politically correct, there are still so many uniquely Australian qualities and quirks that bring us together. So here’s eleven reasons why being Aussie is awesome mate. Oi Oi Oi!

  1. Hottest 100 countdown – WE LOVE MUSIC!
  2. We love a sunburnt country. Australians live for summer – Winter is like Voldemort, we just don’t talk about it. Many Australians also choose to avoid winter by heading to that other Australia – Bali.
  3. Saying “MAAATE” has even more meanings than “ha” in Chinese. You might be about to hug them or headbutt, it’s hard to say.
  4. Our cities rank amongst the most liveable in the world – with Adelaide ranking the world’s 5th most liveable city last year. Carn!
  5. It is acceptable to go to the supermarket in Australia in trackpants, wet bathers, last night’s clothes, sand shoes, covered in sand, ugg boots, with your hair in rollers… People are eating food they haven’t bought yet, dragging twelve gremlins (or children, I can’t tell), having very loud private conversations with their partners and skidding around on trolleys. There are no rules. Australians treat the supermarket like it’s their house, and that’s kind of great.
  6. “Roadies” (aka beverages that you take in the car to get you merrily from A to B) can be anything from beers and ciders to rosé and Bird In Hand swigged out the bottle. But do you leave the empty sneakily in the backseat pocket, or on the kerb? Don’t pretend you haven’t.
  7. The food is GREAT. You can rave all you want about Italy’s pasta, Japan’s sushi and France’s croissants, but there is nothing better than the range of fresh produce and cuisines we have in Australia. It’s often such a relief to get home from holidays and be able to have whatever you crave. We have everything in abundance, with some of the strictest regulatory bodies in the world ensuring we get nothing but the best. The coffee is also the best in the world. I haven’t even mentioned our wine…
  8. Our Christmas is SUNNY. Last year my backpacker friends went to the beach on Christmas – it blew their European minds. My sister made chilled eggnog. Nobody wore shoes and there was not a knitted reindeer jumper in sight.
  9. We are Kings and Queens of colloquialism. “Hell good, yeah nah, I reckon, heaps, ya right,” 
  10. The streets never smell like wee. While it might not be perfect, our home is pretty clean. Bags of rubbish don’t line the streets, there are no dirty street dogs, and you won’t catch anyone taking a leak. I’m never too frightened to walk home at night, whereas in Athens you might accidentally kick a couple of discarded syringes in your open-toed sandals, and even in Bali men on scooters will shamelessly drive next to you at walking pace if you’re alone. Australia is clean and safe – what more can you ask for?
  11. Qantas ads make you feel just as patriotic as hearing the national anthem. “I still call *gulp* Australia *tears* home”


By Jacqueline Alanne