Elle Macpherson


as told to Megan Voo
photography Billie Scheepers

Elle Macpherson is a woman who needs no introduction, being an Aussie supermodel who’s graced the cover of Sports Illustrated more times than I’ve had likes on my profile picture. She’s an influential force in the fashion world and seems to age backwards. We get together to hear about her new lingerie line, Elle Macpherson BODY, and learn her secrets health, wellbeing and ultimate happiness.

On creating her new Elle Macpherson Body lingerie brand. I’ve loved lingerie since I was a little girl and I’ve been designing and creating lingerie for 30 years. Elle Macpherson BODY has a strong, modern aesthetic. I’ve designed it with modern sporty silhouettes; it’s the antithesis of traditional lingerie. There are lots of beautiful details like paper-touch fabric, geometric laces, rose-gold hardware, but I never forfeit the fit for fashion. The collection is as much about attitude as it is about lingerie. Our campaign reflects the Australian lifestyle and its signature fresh, uncontrived spirit. We want women to make the collection their own.

On the EM Body woman. The Elle Macpherson BODY girl is modern, bold and confident – but she could be any age or shape. I created the collection not only with my teenage step daughters in mind, but everyone in between. My campaign model, Kirstin Liljegren really captures the essence of our brand – natural, athletic, independent, with a sense of freedom.

On the unique and bold colours you’ll find across the line. I looked at a lot of fashion for my colour palette… Gucci, Prada – and found colours which work under clothes. At the heart of the collection is The Body, a selection of modern, sport-inspired t-shirt bras and knickers with clean lines, new proportions and bold colours like citronelle, ginger, winetasting and Mykonos blue. The nude offering, ‘sand’, is so warm it makes regular nudes look bland. The signature bodysuit is something I am synonymous with and I hope will become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe; sporty yet sexy, it flatters many different body types.

On designing the collection. I’ve realised that not one shape fits all body types. In The Body collection my aim was to create the perfect t-shirt bra. We designed 6 bra silhouettes and 6 knickers shapes including the Bodysuit in 8 colours that still look great under white.

In the main collection I experimented with more delicate laces. I wanted everything to look incredible from the back. When a woman undresses, she tends to turn around. Each piece is designed look great from every angle. Bra straps are angled so that they start close together at the back and fan outward towards your shoulders, making your waist look narrower and shoulders more athletic. The high cut bikinis make the legs look longer too!

On how her experience in fashion and modelling industry led to this new venture. Looking back on 30 years in business, I believe that a natural curiosity, courage to try new things, a strong interest in business and a sense for adventure has led me to where I am today. Modelling has opened doors and I’ve been fortunate to meet many inspirational and creative people, encouraging me to bring my ideas to life. Timing is everything – I believe in trusting instincts and listening to my team’s perspectives.



exercise and fitness.
I love to get outdoors into nature and enjoy fresh air – so lots of hiking, biking, swimming, skiing and watersports. Coming back to Australia makes me want to race straight to Bondi to do the Bondi to Bronte walk. I honestly think that is one of the most beautiful trails in the world. 

I believe in beauty from the inside out – good nutrition, the value of sleep and lots of love and laughter. Typically, most days start very early. I like to be up by 5am and my first thoughts are always around setting my intentions for the day. Before emails and work, I make sure I meditate then connect with the kids.

I travel a lot so every day is different. In the morning I take my SUPER ELIXIR Alkalising Greens before my work out and my nourishing protein powder in a smoothie afterwards. I have been following an alkaline diet, which means steering clear of red meat, wheat, dairy, sugar, and processed food. The idea is to create the optimal pH balance in the body because an acidic environment harbours disease (and can be blamed for low energy, weight gain, digestion problems, and cravings). Throughout the day I also ensure I drink a ton of water – three litres to be exact!

hair maintenance.
I love my colorist in London, Josh Wood, he always keeps my hair looking fresh and modern.  We’ve decided to leave the roots natural (I have no grey hairs yet) and he keeps the ends sun kissed but not too light. I use Orbe shampoo and conditioner.

summer beauty essentials.
Invisible zinc sunblock, SUPER ELIXIR sachets and Hydrator bottle, water, Fendi sunglasses and my Melissa Odabash Elle cowboy hat.

Megan VooBy Megan Voo