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Marco Pierre White JumbotronBeloved Chef and Restauranteur, Sean Connolly of Sean’s Kitchen, is honoured to host one of his greatest culinary heroes – Marco Pierre White – for an unforgettable afternoon.

With the multiple Michelin starred Marco as his guest of honour, Sean will recreate some of Marco’s most stunning dishes in his own kitchen. Having the great man himself on hand, sharing the stories and inspiration behind his creations, this is will not only be a lunch that is truly world-class – but a fascinating insight into the methods of a culinary genius.


‘I am absolutely humbled to have a legend like Marco come to my kitchen. It’s going to be an amazing & exciting occasion for everyone involved at SK’s, from my staff, to the customers. My only hope is that I can do him proud.’

           – Sean Connolly

Quick Q & A with Sean:

  1. How was your experience with Tasting Australia last year?I loved it, we had Paul West come down and we turned Sean’s Kitchen into Paul’s Kitchen for the day. It was really great inspiration for my chefs to work with someone else, try some new dishes and see some new techniques.
  2. What do you love most about Tasting Australia?I just love the fact it’s celebrating South Australia. It’s such a cool state and Adelaide is such a cool city. I travel quite a lot, I go from Auckland to Adelaide to New York, and I feel like Adelaide has got the New York ‘village’ feel about it – very cool and artisan, with great restaurants and bars and a fantastic food and beverage culture.
  1. Who else do you respect and admire in SA’s food industry?

I was lucky enough to work with Cheong Liew, he has been a guest chef in my Sydney restaurant a few times. One of the best meals of my life was with Saskia Beer at Pheasant Farm – she produced the most beautiful buffet with cold cuts and pickles, and it just brought a tear to my eye! It was so special. I love working with Richard Gunner, he’s a wonderful guy and helps me out with my pork. Duncan Welgmoed is also such a great chef. He’s an inspiration to everyone in Australia, he’s got so much vigour and excitement and what he’s doing is fantastic.

The Marco’s Kitchen lunch at Sean’s Kitchen on 5 May will consist of four courses and matched beverages.

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TASTING AUSTRALIA | 30 April – 7 May

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top image via Tasting Australia · photos of Sean by Megan Voo

By Laura Prior