10 iPhone cases you need in your life right now


It’s 2017 and unarguably, our most essential accessory is our phone. Despite world-class designers working to create a slim, sleek and seamless design for the ol’ iPhone, the desire for a little customisation combined with an unrelenting fear that our screens are going to crack at any moment has made for quite the subculture for phone cases. Newsflash Apple, instead of working so hard on wireless charging and getting rid of our beloved headphone port, can we work toward uncrackable screens please?

In the meantime, it only takes a month or so before our new phone case seems old again and we’re stalking a dazzling catalog of cases online, deciding that we need them. Mix and match to suit your mood – luxurious in leather or kitchy with bells on top? Outrageous finds to functional and chic, we’ve picked out our 10 favourites for you below.

1. Getaway


Artist and fine art photographer Gray Malin’s work is all up in our feeds and we don’t mind one bit. Carry around a piece of his escapism with you with his reef case.

The Reef iPhone Case / Gray Malin $49 USD ($61 AUD)

2. Golden Girl


Add a little floral touch to your everyday – we love this gold foiled-bump and scratch resistant number.

Harper / Shopsonix $35 USD ($44 AUD)

3. Stash My Stuff


Never forget a thing –  cards, cash and all, this is a hold all with style. Handcrafted in Italy and available in 3 colours with the option to monogram, being organised will be easier than ever.

Stash Connoisseur, Phone Wallet / This is Ground $130 USD ($163 AUD)

4. Charge Me Up


Running on flat? Get yourself a long black and your phone this case. Charging cases are great and handy, but this one is pretty too.

Rose Gold Charging Case / Skinny Dip £35 ($45 AUD) 

5. Feeling Extra?


Never lose your phone again… Just look for the fluorescent green cactus floating around. Who needs Find my iPhone?

Cactus iPhone 7 Case / Kate Spade $65 AUD

6. Aspar-I Guess..

Screenshot 2017-07-20 12.19.39

On a health kick? Aren’t we all… here’s your ideal accessory to remind you to eat your veggies and keep you on that clean eating bandwagon. Worth a try, right?

Asparagus on pink – Red Bubble $29.95 USD ($37 AUD)

7. Read My Cards


I personally don’t need a tarot card to tell me my future involves guac. But in case you do.

Guac Reading / Society6 $28 USD ($35 AUD)

8. Coconut Kiss


Sick of the overdone monstera plant but want that tropical vibe? Get a little coconutty with this case that will make you look ahead to warmer days.

Coconut / Shopsonix $35 USD ($44 AUD)

9. Take me to Fez


Combine your obsession of Moroccan tiles with palm leaves and you’ve got your perfect print.

Moroccan tiles and palm leaves / Society6 $28 AUD

10. Show Some Love


Looking for love? Wear your heart on your sleeve with this sassy heart pattern with girly gold details.

Fancy Heart / Shopsonix $35 USD ($44 AUD)



Megan VooBy Megan Voo