Best Plants for a Healthy Home

Did you know plants can clean the toxins out of the air in your home? 

“Plants offer a sense of peace, health and vitality to outdoor and indoor spaces alike. Having plants in your home is a rejuvenating experience, and connecting to the natural world is integral to a balanced life. Plants add a sense of beauty whilst giving us oxygen and detoxifying our spaces.” Emma @ Norwood Garden Centre.

Ficus in a pot
Ficus species


Five plants Norwood Garden Centre recommend:

1. Dracaena species – for indoors, as these offer an incredible energy.

2. Ficus species – especially elastica, for air purifying and peaceful vibes.

3. Herbs – culinary herbs grow very well in potted gardens.

4. Daphne and Gardenia – lush semi-shade plants with scented flowers, perfect in pots.

5. Daffodils – for pots or gardens, in flower these are pure sunshine!

Dracena plant
Dracaena species