The Jewellery Edit – Investment Pieces

Jewellery says a lot about a person. It’s a reflection of your style and personality, that’s why it’s important to make sure you choose the perfect investment pieces when shopping for yourself or your loved ones. From personalised, monogrammed signet rings and birthstone pieces to classic diamond studs and engagement rings, this list has you covered.

You can find these beautiful pieces available at Wishart Jewellers, 103 Jetty Rd, Glenelg
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Absolutely Brilliant

Most of us have one of these saved on our Pinterest -the classic round brilliant cut diamond ring. It’s what dreams are made of! Diamonds take around three billion years to grow and reach the earth’s surface, enduring immense temperatures and pressure during its formation. When choosing a diamond you need to consider the four C’s – cut, colour, clarity and carat.

Once you have chosen your stone (or the stone has chosen you!) it can be hand designed and manufactured by the bespoke jewellers at Wishart Jewellers. Every claw is hand set to secure the diamond and the finished ring is the perfect fit.


Signet Ring

If there is ever a time to love monogramming it’s now! Seen on luxury leather items to iphone covers, this 19th century artform of overlocking initials was once used as a type of signature pressed on a wax seal. Hand crafted in your selection of white, yellow or rose gold and hand engraved for a one-of-a-kind signature piece.

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Diamond Studs

Diamond Studs are the little black dress of the jewellery world. The one-off investment pair will get you sparkling from messy top knot to salon blow out every day of the week.


Pink Diamonds

The natural colour and beauty of a Western Australian Argyle Pink Diamond still holds mystery to scientists. The original owners of the mining land, the Gija people, tell the dreamtime story of how a woman chased a barramundi into a cave, and upon realising it would be trapped the barramundi tried to escape by jumping out of the water and over the woman. As it jumped the barramundi shed its scales, which fell into the shallow waters and became the diamonds of all the colours mined there today. Becoming increasingly sought after the rarest pink diamonds mined are reserved for the most exclusive diamond sale in the world, the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender.

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Art Movement

  The art movements from the 19th and 20th centuries  hold an integral part of jewellery design throughout history. The fascination of an original handcrafted jewellery piece with many stories to tell is something truly special. From Art Nouveau’s soft curves and floral motifs in gold and silver to deco’s geometric forms in bold colours of black onyx and diamond. Owning an original jewellery piece in perfect condition enables you to become part of its history, and to continue its adornment creates a true heirloom of the ages.

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What better way to celebrate the gift of life than with a precious gemstone. Your birthstone can represent meaningful sentiment of luck, healing, success and protection.



March- Aquamarine










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