An Acne Treatment That Really Works

We all want clear, smooth skin, (especially on the lead-up to Christmas – did someone say photo op?), but the effects of makeup on our skin can be catastrophic. Australia’s extreme climate is also a huge contributing factor, making it even more difficult to keep our skin happy and healthy. If you’re finding that countless medications and creams aren’t getting you anywhere, Kleresca could be your new go-to.

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What is Kleresca?

Kleresca is inspired by photosynthesis, so this treatment involves the stimulation of your own skin’s repair mechanisms to treat the affected area.

The method involves biophotonics and photobiomodulation. Biophotonics is the interaction between light and your skin; photobiomodulation is a process in which the biological process of your skin is stimulated using fluorescent light. Using a specially formulated gel and multi-LED lamp, the gel transforms light waves from the Kleresca lamp into energy, and voila, your skin stimulates its own repair mechanisms.

The treatment

 Kleresca is non-invasive and comfortable to undertake. Once the gel is applied, you are placed under the lamp where the treatment will last for nine minutes. After this, the gel is removed and your skin will be cleaned, moisturised and SPF will be applied. The gel doesn’t absorb into the skin so you can apply makeup straight after – winning!

Duration of treatment varies on each individuals needs. For acne, two sessions a week under a six-week period is required. For rejuvenation, once a week for a month is recommended. Improvements should continue months after and the procedure is suitable for both males and females.


The results

Kleresca is an acne and rejuvenation treatment but it works for many skin conditions, which is why there are multiple benefits and results including:

– Killing the bacteria responsible for acne
– Reducing inflammation of the skin
– Encouraging increased collagen build-up
– Stimulating the repair of scars

Kleresca has helped over 1,500 people all over the world since its launch in 2014. If you’re looking for a treatment that is safe with little downtime, visit Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery for a consultation.

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