Living Mindfully to Achieve Success

Melanie and Karlee, the ladies behind Holistically Living, have found that if you set aside a little time most days to plan, revisit goals and get crystal clear on the outcomes you are looking to achieve, you will stay on the track to making your health a priority – but just how can you achieve this?


Living an active, holistic lifestyle isn’t just about working on your body and eating nourishing foods (although these are super important), it’s also about having beliefs and intentions to show up every day in every area of your life to live mindfully and intentionally. To live mindfully, there are a few things you can do – here’s Karlee and Melanie’s list on how you can achieve this:


1. Journal  Start or finish your day by writing down your intentions and goals. Putting your thoughts on paper is a powerful technique to help keep you focused, plus re-writing your goals on a daily basis can really help you to stay on track.


2. Mindful Eating  Stop, chew and be present in the moment when you are eating, with no distractions. Notice the food you are eating, the smells, the tastes, the textures and how the food you are eating is nourishing and fuelling your body.


3. Schedule  Pencil in your workouts/yoga/meditation – use a diary or calendar weekly and treat these plans like any other appointment. Don’t cancel on yourself! Better yet, invite a friend to be your workout buddy.


4. Repeat Mantra each morning repeat a motivating mantra (here is one of our favourites)  –  “I am strong and choose to see the good in myself and everything around me”.

Holistically Living’s Lifestyle Program gives members the monthly tools needed to live mindfully to achieve success, incorporating things like workout guides, yoga videos, meditations, mindset activities, loads of nourishing recipes and bonus topics. If this list helped you, visit their website here for more information.