5 Mins With Mark Tuckey @ Caroma

Caroma are a brand that is synonymous with quality and style, but the clever, design-savvy team have now stepped it up another notch, taking their bathroom ware to the next level with the opening of a flagship Adelaide-based design hub. The space was designed by leading Australian architect, and author of Your Best Home, Joe Snell and it features six life-size capsules, each curated by a different Australian designer including furniture designer Mark Tuckey, interior designer Alice Catford, Adelaide super-renovators Carly Schulz and Leighton Brow (winners of the first series of House Rules and runners up on Reno Rumble), the team from Outdoors on Parade, as well as Caroma in-house designers Nathalie Rivet and Leonie Brickwood. We chat to famed designer Mark Tuckey about trends, timber and, of course, his latest collaboration with the bathroom giants.


You’re known for your timber furniture, how did you get involved with the Caroma project?

Thats what I said to Caroma! They said they wanted to see a bathroom with our aesthetic. They contacted us directly, out of the blue, and we went with it because they have a great range of product. 

Describe your Caroma capsule.

In line with our furniture ethos, we designed a room that we would put in our own home if we needed a new bathroom. We decided that bringing our friends at Axolotl in would be a perfect union to achieve this, so we finished it off as a collaboration with them. It’s designed to be a calm, friendly space.

What furniture items should people consider including in their bathrooms?

A small stool for little kids to stand on to brush their teeth is what I have. A vanity unit made of beautiful solid timber from us is a must. If there is room a comfortable chair for your partner to sit on and talk to you while you have a shower is a spoil.

How does the addition of timber in a bathroom affect the space? What considerations need to be given in terms of up keep and longevity?

Timber always adds a tactile, warm and friendly feel. Properly designed and constructed, timber will outlast any veneer or particle board.

What are the latest trends you are seeing in home furniture design?

We like timeless design and quality to last generations. To have our design in touch with trends but not be trendy is our position.

Who or what inspires your work?

We are inspired by making things we would have in our own home (we choose the ones that the market wants of course). We are inspired by making beautiful timber sing to us in what we create.

Describe your home.

My home is an old beach shack that has been added onto a couple of times since it was built in the thirties. Its still kind of a shack and if I was a billionaire I don’t think I would change it! It is littered with artworks and Mark Tuckey furniture. Its kind of chaotic in an orderly way. There is lots of colour and plenty of bits and pieces that my daughters have made. Its right next to a beach so there is usually a bit of sand on the floor. I love to keep the plants in the garden well fed and watered, but the garden is a bit free spirited too!

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