Espresso Yourself At Your Next Big Event

Who doesn’t love a good espresso martini? That was the question siblings Jordan and Kimberley Miller-Owen asked themselves when creating EM, the mobile espresso martini van.

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The concept of this van started from a genuine love of a great espresso martini. The pair brought the van to life with their friend Jacob Wight and the assistance of their family. Soon after launching in June this year, they have been receiving exciting feedback ever since.

Why this particular cocktail?

Espresso martinis are a popular cocktail choice, and there is now a big demand for the cocktail at private and public events.

With a focus on quality, each martini is made using freshly ground espresso coffee and premium spirits and ingredients. Not only that, but the van itself is sleek and has a sophisticated look and vibe, bringing an exciting element to each event.

There are four varieties of espresso martinis available – the Signature, Light, Premium and our favourite, Double Chocolate.

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What kind of event is EM suitable for? 

The EM van caters to all types of events all over Adelaide, including:

Corporate events
Private functions
Public events

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Creating that memorable event

When the @em van is booked it will arrive with everything you need, including glassware, ingredients and a mixologist. The van operates pursuant to its own liquor licence and as it is completely self-sufficient, it can conveniently attend a variety of events.

The van also adapts into a ‘pop up’ bar and can work with an event host (public or private event) to create a fun space where guests can enjoy this delicious cocktail.

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To book and for more info you can contact the EM crew here or visit their socials:

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