The Hemsworth Block – New to Jacob’s Creek!

With a known passion for Australian wine, Chris Hemsworth visited the Barossa recently as a guest of Jacob’s Creek for a first-hand experience of what it takes to blend their Double Barrel wine. The 2018 vintage received the VIP treatment with Chris blending his own Shiraz and crowning the Hemsworth block!

Chris Hemsworth_Jacob's Creek_Double Barrel2_Credit_Cristian Prieto

We caught up with Jacob’s Creek’s chief winemaker Ben Bryant to talk blends, Double Barrel reds and, of course, Chris Hemsworth! 

Tell us a bit about Chris’ time spent in the Barossa – did you show him the local sights or was it straight into the tasting room?

On his first visit-ever trip to the Barossa Chris spent a few days getting to know our Jacob’s Creek winemaking team and our celebrated wine region. We gave Chris a first-hand insight into what it takes to bring together our unique wine, Double Barrel, which is finished in aged whisk(e)y barrels. This was followed up with a vintage celebration barbecue set in the grounds of our historic cottage.

Chris Hemsworth_Jacob's Creek_Double Barrel1_Credit_Cristian Prieto

I believe Chris blended his own Shiraz while he was visiting Jacobs Creek – tell us about this.

Double Barrel is a wine comprising premium reds, which go through two types of barrel treatment (hence the name Double Barrel). The wine is first aged in traditional wine barrels, before being finished in aged whisk(e)y barrels.

Chris and his wife were treated to a comprehensive wine blending experience in our Barrel Room in Richmond Grove that showcased some of our best reds and how they blend together to create premium wines such as Double Barrel. The Double Barrel Shiraz was Chris’ favourite – he liked the rich taste and how smooth it was.

He then headed out to the vineyards – did he do the traditional ‘blessing’ of the vineyard?

Chris first took a tour of our vineyards that go into producing Double Barrel, where he had his very own block of vines named after him. He blessed the current vintage, which is happening now. The tradition where wine is poured over the grapes is designed to provide luck and a good harvest!

Chris Hemsworth_Jacob's Creek_Double Barrel_Credit_Cristian Prieto