Feel Good Coffee

For many of us, a cup of coffee is a morning essential. Unfortunately, with each soy latte or skinny cap comes another piece of landfill. A disposable cup. Australians throw away over 1 billion coffee cups each year, which are largely unable to be recycled and end up in our waterways and on the streets.

 Thankfully, reusable coffee cups have become quite the phenomenon among caffeine enthusiasts. With many cafes offering discounts to customers who favour reusable cups its never been a better time to ditch the paper cups and go for something a little kinder to Mother Earth.
So, how does one choose their reusable cup ? We checked out some of the brands on offer.

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Designed by baristas for coffee lovers, Uppercup is a cup for the enthusiast and features a conical bottom that ensures a perfect pour every time. The walls are double insulated to protect fingers and the surface is easy to write on and wipe off, so your order is never wrong.

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The original reusable coffee cup, KeepCup started in Melbourne nine years ago and is now stocked all over the world. Designed to fit under an espresso machine, KeepCup comes in a large range of colours and is a silicone plastic blend. We’re loving their Cafè series, which feature glass walls. Some coffee experts prefer glass as they believe plastic distorts the taste.



If you’re after something a little tougher, Klean Kanteen’s range of insulated cups are for you. They’ll keep your cuppa hot for up to four hours and up to 20 hours if you like it iced. Stainless steel and Klean Coat means their cups are incredibly durable, just in case you crave that iced chai latte while hiking!

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Megan Hess

If you’re more about the style and less about the details, a chic Megan Hess cup may be what you’re looking for. Featuring her much-loved illustrations of iconic fashion motifs and beloved brands, Megan Hess’ collection will sit perfectly in your Instagram flatlay.

Megan hess coffee