5 Minutes with Erin Fraser

After years spent working with some of the world’s biggest names, Sydney-sider Erin Fraser settled in Adelaide, bringing her global expertise and marketing prowess with her.   

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 Photography Kirsty Burns  

She’s worked with some of the largest organisations in the world and collaborated with global talent, she’s also a relatively new South Aussie. So, when blancspace founder Erin Fraser saw a gap in the Adelaide market for a boutique marketing and communications agency, where she could share her interstate experience with premium local brands, she took a leap of faith – and it’s paid off. Almost two years later and her passion, determination and professionalism is being recognised and applauded with the success of blancspace Consulting.    

What was the inspiration behind the name? 

I am a long-time admirer of the French language having done a lot of ballet when I was young. I also studied French at school and, while I certainly don’t remember everything, the beauty of the language has always stayed with me. So, it was on a holiday to Paris with my husband that I decided the name of my business would have a French-inspired twist. ‘White space’ is a marketing term that means untapped niche and a blank canvas represents opportunity – blancspace is a combination of ‘blanc’ meaning white in French and space, the excitement of possibility and what could be.  

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You’ve worked with some high-profile international brands, such as Tom Ford, Estee Lauder and L’Oreal – tell us about this and how it has helped you in your career, and inspired your work at blancspace. 

Working with these extraordinary businesses has shaped my life both personally and professionally. I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to build my career within the worlds of such inspiring brands. What I learnt is that nothing happens by accident. Everything you see is the result of a thoughtful, long-term plan. So I now take a very strategic approach inside of my own business. There is an unspoken spirit of excellence that is simply an expectation when you work on these brands and that too inspires my work. I believe in doing something really well or not at all and have actually adapted one of my favourite quotes into a personal motto; if you don’t design the life you want, you’ll get the one you’re given.  

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You’re a Sydney girl – how long have you been in Adelaide and what was the reason for the move? 

In a word, love. I moved to Adelaide four years ago with my now husband and it has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. It has allowed me step outside my bubble, learn a new city, meet amazing new people and really grow as a person. I love living in Adelaide and I am so grateful to everyone who has gone out of their way to make me feel so welcome. 

Describe a typical day in your life. 

My days are really varied and that’s what I love. Every Sunday evening I plan out the week ahead as I need to be quite deliberate about my schedule. I start each morning with a ritual of cleansing my face, a glass of lemon water and exercise. Then I divide my time between client meetings, developing strategies, liaising with the media, arranging collaborations, briefing creative partners, writing my blog and organising events. This week I’ve been in Melbourne for a strategy meeting and Sydney to workshop a new venture, while planning a photoshoot and finalising a dream project here in Adelaide. I’m lucky to have a very flexible calendar and the ability to work from almost anywhere. I often work from our beach house and will be online every day when I’m overseas next week.   

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What are the best and worst bits about your job? 

I love my job and have designed it that way. Not only now but throughout my entire career I’ve chosen to work with brands that I am passionate about. I feel like beauty is in my blood and I adore fashion, style and interiors. To me it’s crucial to bring a personal authenticity to your professional life because then it doesn’t feel like work at all. 

 What has been your career highlight so far? 

I’ve been so lucky to enjoy lots of special times across my career. I spent years travelling through China and Hong Kong on buying trips, every moment working on Tom Ford was a privilege and at Bird in Hand I hosted Bernard Fanning for a concert among the vines. But ultimately, the highlight is starting blancspace. It’s been the most wonderful adventure and I’m incredibly excited for 2018.   

Quick Fire Questions 

 On my lust list 
Louis Vuitton tote bag
For a power meeting I’ll be wearing
A little navy dress and a classic high heel
Biggest fashion fail
I think you can wear anything as long as it fits you perfectly
I couldn’t live without
My husband
In five years I’ll (hopefully!) be
A much better skier