5 Alternative Fitness Trends 2018

Let’s face it. The gym has gotten stale. Unflattering lighting, a heavy scent of sweat and B.O. in the air, and a playlist of the hits of 2005 in your ear. Thankfully, some geniuses have come up with a way to refresh the way we think about getting fit. From sessions that feel like a night out at the clubs, to workouts akin to Rambo kickin’ butt, we’ve tracked down some of the funnest ways to get that heart rate up in Adelaide.

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If you find the gym a little drab, Clubbercise could be what you crave. A fusion of dance, combat, and toning, Clubbercise is high energy and a fresh take on group exercise. Set in a darkened room, you’ll be armed with glow sticks and surrounded by disco lights. Bye fluorescent lights and boring treadmill sessions, hello 80’s tunes and one heck of a party!



If you haven’t heard of F45 yet, you’re probably living under a rock. Or at least haven’t checked Instagram in a while. The ‘F’ stands for functional, while 45 is the length of a workout. With clubs all over Adelaide, you more than likely know 3-5 people obsessed with the high-intensity workout craze. Grab your P.E. Nation and check out a session.


The Pole Boutique

If you’re well and truly over crunches and curls, it could be time to step into a completely different workout. The Pole Boutique offers a full-body workout, combining strength and core training. Led by a team of female instructors, you’ll be coached to spin, dip, and slide in no time. Heels optional, pole burn possible.

pole boutique

Base Camp

Prefer your workouts a bit more intense? Base Camp is specifically designed for those looking to compete in athletic challenges such as Tough Mudder and True Grit. This ain’t your grandmother’s gym. Filled with obstacles such as a massive vertical rope climb, and sprinting into 80-100 km/h winds, Base Camp wants to work you hard. Grab your camo and strap those knuckles, we have a feeling you’ll go beast mode at Base Camp.

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 Black Box Virtual Reality

The VR trend is sweeping the globe. From puzzles and mysteries, to light saber fights, and now, a gym experience like no other. Not yet in Adelaide, Black Box Virtual Reality offers a game-like scenario, wherein you are the hero. Focusing on aerobic and resistance training, Black Box is a 30 minute session where gaming and exercise combine. Ready player one?

black box