TURIA PITT / Westfield Women in Conversation

Turia Pitt is a new mum, motivational speaker, mining engineer, athlete, author, and one entertaining lady.
Business Chicks’ most recent event featured Pitt at Westfield Marion, for Westfield Women in Conversation. SA Style was invited to hear Adelaide’s own Rebecca Morse interview Turia on all things business, motherhood, and her inspiring outlook on life.


To hear Turia Pitt’s story is to be touched by her strength and resilience in the face of a horrifying accident. Since suffering burns in a grassfire to 65% of her body seven years ago, Turia has shown thousands of women that through the hardships of life, one can come out the other side stronger.

Over mimosas and chia puddings, we laughed with Pitt as she detailed the early months of being a new mum to baby Hakavai, and the challenges involved. Particularly poignant was Turia’s mindset of ‘I get to’ change nappies and soothe tantrums, rather than thinking ‘I have to’. “It’s not a burden at all,’’ she said. “No one is forcing me to do this. I remind myself I’ve chosen it.”


Speaking on gratitude, Turia shared how she takes a minute each and every morning to reflect on what she is grateful for. “You can’t just think about it, you have to feel it”. You could feel the crowd taking in every word and letting Turia’s advice sink in. “It really affects how the rest of your day goes.”

Turia’s playful personality, and no bull attitude is refreshing in a time of many cookie-cutter influencers and heavily-censored statements. Turia Pitt’s incredibly funny and deeply inspirational mindset left us determined and feeling ready to take life on headfirst.