MasterChef SA Week / 5 Mins with Adelaide’s Guest Chefs

This week, MasterChef Australia has hit South Australia! Sunday saw the contestants cook up a storm in Victoria Square before running Adelaide’s very first night market. After heading to McLaren Vale on Monday, the bottom two teams faced the pressure test where they met Head Chef of  The Cube, Brendan Wessels and were asked to recreate his lemon meringue pie using a 3D food printer.

Over the next few days, the home cooks will visit more iconic Adelaide foodie destinations and meet the biggest names in South Australian Cooking including Jin Choi from Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant in Mount Lofty, previous MasterChef contestant and Adelaide favourite Callum Hann and the one and only Maggie Beer in her hometown in the Barossa Valley.

We sat down with each guest chef to ask them about their favourite things about our state and their top places to eat and drink!

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Brendan Wessels

Favourite café in Adelaide? Flinders Street Project
Top dish on your menu? The Mayura Station Wagyu, smoked mushroom and mountain pepper dish – the 9+ marble signature series meat is absolutely exquisite!
Where would we find you in your spare time? My wife and I work together so in our spare time and on our days off you will generally still find us in the kitchen. We also enjoy going on walks and hikes together.
Best comfort dish? When my wife cooks traditional South African food that her grandmother and her mother taught her I am in absolute heaven!
Favourite SA hidden gem? I absolutely adore Pizzateca, a beautiful family run restaurant serving up wood oven Pizza in McLaren Vale.

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Jin Choi

Best coffee spot in Adelaide? Coffee Branch, their espresso is spot on every single time.
Top dish on your menu?  The beef I currently have on the menu. 9+ marble score brisket which we slow cook for 24 hours at the end of which it just falls apart which I serve with a wagyu sirloin again a 9+ which is just simply grilled letting the prime cut speak for itself.
What can’t you leave home without? Ginseng Tea, my wife brews me some to take with me everyday
Favourite place to relax? The beach, especially if I can fish off the shore
What meal reminds you of home? Tom Yum soup, really reminds me of Haemultang, spicy seafood that we make at home. Although the seafood used is different the flavours are similar.

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 Maggie Beer 

Best comfort dish? Chicken soup, complete with necks and giblets, with lots of vegetables and barley.
Favourite jam to pair with scones? 
Apricot jam made from over-ripe apricots from the orchard. It must be thick with fruit!
Cooking utensil you can’t live without? 
Oversized wooden cutting board.
Where is your happy place? 
At home in the Barossa.
What meal reminds you of home?
Roast chook (my daughter Saskia’s of course) with tarragon butter under the skin and whatever vegetables are growing in the garden.

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Callum Hann

 Favourite café in Adelaide? Market Street
What’s your favourite thing about Adelaide? My favourite thing about Adelaide is how diverse our food scene is, we have such a beautiful array of things to do, see, eat and drink. I absolutely love that Adelaide is a foodie’s paradise!
Top cooking tip? My top cooking tip for home cooks is to keep it simple! There is no correlation between how difficult a dish is to make and how delicious it is to eat. The beauty of keeping it simple for a dinner party also means you will be able to enjoy time with your guests.
Favourite way to spend the weekend? I love going on mini trips around South Australia on the weekends with my wife. Cruising to McLaren Vale for the day and having a beautiful lunch somewhere or at this time of year in particular heading into the Adelaide Hills to sit by a lovely warm fire is a great way to unwind.
Best road trip song? You make my dreams come true – Hall and Oates

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