Dessert Date: Adelaide’s Top Sweet Treats

What’s better than a date-night/catch up with friends over dessert? Nothing – that’s what! Winter is the perfect time to grab your best girlfriends and indulge over a chocolate fondue or a stack of loaded pancakes, so rug up and head to one our top dessert joints below…

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The Aviary Dessert Kitchen

Whether you’re enjoying an intimate evening with your loved one, or a girls night out with your besties, a rotating seasonal menu makes The Aviary Dessert Kitchen the perfect late night stop along The Parade. Vintage décor and soft fairy lights give a warm welcome as you enter the Avian inspired dessert kitchen. With the cooler weather fast approaching, nothing beats a warm Ginger Ninja sticky date pudding or Apple Crumble decorated with bright purple and pink florals for an Asian twist on a Winter classic. For those of us willing to share our dessert, the pecking plate for 2 will certainly satisfy the chocolate connoisseurs with toasty Belgian waffles, light and creamy chocolate raspberry mousse pot and flourless chocolate cake.

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Since opening their first store in Hyde Park, 50SixOne has caused a social media frenzy with their incredible Insta-Famous Shakes. A self-proclaimed assault on the senses, their OTT Freak Shakes are smothered with all sorts of sugary goodness. Presented with overflowing melted chocolate, brownies, ice cream, fairy floss and everything in between, the struggle is real when deciding on which shake to experience. Classic chocolate bars, Nutella, cookies and pastries are all creatively reinvented enough to make anyone want to share their shake with the world. While you eagerly wait for your shake to be made, you can view the production kitchen through a glass window to watch their ice cream being made. This is a funky and fun kitchen and dessert bar that was designed to test the boundaries.

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Steven ter Horst Chocolatier

Delicate hand crafted chocolates, tarts, petit gateaux and pastries line the cabinet of Steven ter Horst’s chocolate shop. With a minimalistic urban design, the clear focus is on the unique desserts on display. Steven’s famous salted caramel is a staple in the menu from divine salted caramel tarts, crunchy chocolate cases filled with salted caramel, and chocolate tea cake paired with salted caramel sauce. It is so popular in fact; you can buy your very own jar of Salted Caramel Sauce to spoil yourself at home. Dangerous. Known for experimenting with rich flavours and textures, the clever pairing of alcohol and chocolate means you can indulge in tequila infused chocolate mousse, shiraz infusion chocolates or whiskey ganache. Matched with a hot cup of coffee, this cosy chocolate shop on Rundle Street is sure to brighten any wintery day.

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Chocolate Taperia Churros & Dessert Bar
North Adelaide

A melting pot of Hispanic influence, Chocolate Taperia Churros & Dessert Bar is a unique dessert bar offering deliciously tempting sweets to make your soul happy. Dim mood lighting, intimate booths and vintage décor give this hidden gem an elegant and cosy atmosphere. Their sharing Sweet Tapas Platters are perfect to get a taste of the best desserts on the menu. Hosting crunchy churros, chocolate mousse, French macaroon and a couple other delights, your taste buds will be positively satisfied.

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 Boasting homemade, locally sourced desserts, you don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy Eggless’ treats. Perfect for those with food allergies and dietary requirements, or just some of us that have convinced ourselves this surely must be a healthier option, this cosy dessert café always has something new to offer. With a changing menu each month, it is no wonder people line up in anticipation for their late night fix of home style sweet treats. Their concept of welcoming you like a guest in their own home makes Eggless a romantic and warm stop to treat your loved one to some delicious classics with a modern Asian twist. Winter warmers include a rich Mocha Molten Pudding and heartfelt Pumpkin and Pecan Pie served with ice cream. For those who can’t decide, there is an enticing Eggless Tasting Platter offering 4 mini versions of their tasty favourites.

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