Top 5 Euro Getaway Must-Haves

Escaping Adelaide’s winter blues to the summery sights of Europe? Other than making your pals back in the suburbs super jealous, here’s some musts when packing for your holiday in the sun.

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A travel towel is super useful when hostel hopping. Most reception desks charge towel hire, often ranging from 2-8 Euros. Bringing a quick-dry towel will save you a couple bucks, and allow you to enjoy an extra drink at happy hour!

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Kathmandu – Microfibre Towel
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When travelling, your days will be packed with visiting the sights and jumping on tour buses. This isn’t the time to allow an hour for your morning makeup ritual. Bring less products that do more. Lip and cheek creams are perfect for that holiday glow, and a tinted moisturiser with a high SPF rating covers all of your bases.

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If you’re only packing that flowery crop top for one specific outfit – leave it at home. Pack items that will suit multiple outfits and come up with combinations you’ll actually wear before heading to the airport.


You don’t realise how much you use your phone until the battery dies. Investing in a high-quality power bank will save you in a sticky situation, whether you need to translate to a local or just can’t find your way back to the hotel.

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Belkin Pocket Power
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Sunscreen prices can be ridiculous abroad. Stores know you need it and will charge whatever their heart desires. Bring your own from home and spare yourself the burn of paying 20 Euro for a lousy bottle.

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