HOW TO: Plant the Perfect Roses

Roses are tough and love our Adelaide climate, growing well in an open space positioned under the sun. Dormant in winter, planting them now has a few benefits – they are more affordable, easier to plant, there are larger selections and planting now means more time for roots to adjust and thrive. So grab your gardening gloves and start planting!

NGC Princess of Wales Rose
Norwood Garden Centre have an extensive selection hand picked by their rose experts Andrew and Denis. With great advice on the various colours, scents and styles available, they have roses suitable for cut flowers, borders, topiary, pots and screening. We had a chat to the Norwood Garden Centre team on their top-tips for planting beautiful roses this season.

Planting Tips for Bagged Roses

For in the Garden
Remove the bag and sawdust and soak the rose roots in a bucket of diluted seaweed mix just before planting. Dig a hole at least 40 cm deep and wide, and use a rose planting compost to mix with existing soil. This will give the rose a great start and encourage strong growth in spring. Make a mound of soil in the hole and place the rose on this, then back fill with soil creating a slight well effect for efficient watering. Mulch in spring and add a fertiliser (either a rose tablet or organic pellets).

For a Pot
Choose a large pot 40cm to 60cm in size and position in open full sun. Raise the pot off the ground with small pot feet for good drainage. Use a premium potting mix and in spring add rose fertiliser tablets to promote healthy new growth. Water regularly during the warm weather.
Did you know…

Liquid fertilisers can be used on all roses during the warm weather – this will promote flowering and keep the plants extra healthy and therefore more resistant to insects and other issues.

Roses grow well with companion plants and these can help in creating a balance between good and bad bugs in the garden. We recommend catmint, garlic, chives, thyme, basil, lambs ears, oregano, marigold geranium and seaside daisy.
Grace David Austin Rose[1]