Cosmetic Enhancement – The Questions You Need To Ask

You wouldn’t go to a pub for a fine dining experience or jump on Ebay to buy an authentic Gucci bag, so why trust just anyone with facial rejuvenation? Chris and Claire Koulos from Burnside Cosmetic explain the importance of choosing industry experts when considering cosmetic enhancement.


Do your research.

Researching and booking a consult with a skilled, highly-experienced skin rejuvenation professional should always be the first step when considering facial rejuvenation. It’s important to choose a doctor-owned and operated business as they truly understand facial aging, anatomy, the latest injecting techniques and the risks and side effects that can sometimes occur.

Cosmetic injection methods that take into consideration the face as a whole rather than just augmenting one feature is key when considering facial rejuvenation. Minor tweaks and subtle enhancements can shape the entire face. If you have a creased forehead, just working this area may sometimes trigger problem areas elsewhere – so knowledge is key!

Procedures performed by a highly skilled, experienced professionals reduce risks involved in cosmetic enhancements and deliver a longer lasting, natural looking result. You should leave looking refreshed not overworked!

Did you know…

  • Some clinics promote having doctors, however these doctors don’t necessarily need to be on site – they can simply Skype call in! Remote prescription services do not compare to face-to-face consults. Industry regulations that currently allow this ‘loop hole’ are currently being reviewed.
  • Products used in cosmetic clinics are not all the same; only a trained medical professional should recommend the right product for you.

The point of difference…

As the managing director of Burnside Cosmetic with over 20 years experience, Dr Chris administers treatments and is always on site, providing peace of mind in a trusted and safe environment. Industry experts, Dr Chris and his wife Claire both have medical backgrounds and extensive knowledge, experience and expertise.

We have built our business mainly by word of mouth in Adelaide. Our reputation is built upon the level of service and attention to detail we give every one of our valued clients.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 4.52.15 pmDr Chris Koulos                                                              Nurse Claire Koulos

A word of advice…

 Choose wisely and do your research. Ask as many questions as you need. We offer a free pre and post consultation because we are committed to making sure we get it right the first time, and that you have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.