Indulgent Hot Chocolate Spots

Add some sweetness to your day and treat yourself to six of our state’s deliciously indulgent cups .

San Churro 
43 Gouger Street, Adelaide / Shop 5/300 Rundle Street, Adelaide

San Churro delivers Spanish-style beverages made with real melted chocolate and topped with a toasted marshmallow. This is one treat to save for a special occasion.

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Koko Black 
Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide

You can trust a chocolatier to deliver the goods when it comes to their drinks menu! With an interesting choice of flavours including classic Belgian, orange (our favourite), and chilli and cinnamon, Koko Black’s hot chocolates are made with cream, a mixture of dark and light chocolate and are brewed for two hours for ultimate velvety-ness.

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Max Brenner
277 Rundle Street, Adelaide

Rundle Street’s newest resident, Max Brenner, is known for their hug-mugs. Treat yourself to one of their baked hot chocolates that come in three flavours including gooey chocolate, vanilla and caramel, and dark chocolate almond made with either dark, white or milk chocolate drops and your choice of ice-cream, fruit or whipped cream and toffee extras. Yes please!

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Steven ter Horst Chocolatier
256 Rundle Street, Adelaide

Their picture perfect desserts aren’t the only draw-card to this Adelaide establishment. Steven ter Horst is the perfect place to catch up with friends over a tasty hot chocolate and one of the cafe’s incredible gateaux’s after a shopping date in the East End.

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Cocolat make their hot choc’s with real chocolate (they also have a white chocolate option). When visiting one of their locations, opt for the Cadbury-inspired top-deck hot chocolate that’s made using a mixture of both white and dark chocolate and is oh so scrumptious!

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Chocolate Taperia
5/168 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

Saving one of the best’s for last, Chocolate Taperia’s range of hot chocolates will have you swapping out your actual dessert for one of these drinks! Made with Belgian chocolate, explore flavours including milk, dark, white, chilli and mint. Their mocha’s are also to die for!

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