Say Cheese! We Road-Test the Latest in Teeth Whitening

We asked three of Adelaide’s it-girls to trial the latest teeth whitening products and report back on their thoughts. Which would you try?

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Stephanie Chehade is an Adelaide fashion designer and owner of Stephanie Chehade the Label. Designing contemporary pieces and wardrobe essentials, Stephanie’s label has been seen on national personalities including The Project’s Carrie Bickmore and influencer Rozalia Russian. 


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THE PROCESS There are a few of steps involved in preparing the product before use, the main one being moulding the mouth guards, which is a three-step process. You also need to make sure your teeth are freshly brushed. Once prep is complete, the whitening process is quite simple and the instructions are easy to follow.  

THE DURATION 30 – 60 mins, once a week for four weeks and then as required after that. 

THE RESULT I have noticed a slight variance in colour, but I already have fairly white teeth to begin with. 

PROS/CONS The preparation seemed like it would take longer so initially I was put off by the thought, however it wasn’t at all time consuming and the instructions made it quick and easy. Moulding the mouth guards is great because they sit in your mouth comfortably and you can get on with what you need to do while your teeth are whitening! 

WOULD YOU USE AGAIN? Yes, I will continue to use this product as I think the results will only get better each time! 


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A freelance makeup artist and mum to toddler Alfie, Ali is constantly on the go and on the search for a whitening product that’s quick and easy to use but also effective and long lasting in between mum duties and photoshoots. Ali has painted many Adelaide beauties including Ten’s Rebecca Morse and House Rules’ Jessica Dover. 


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 THE PROCESS: The Oral-B Brilliance Whitening System replaces your normal toothpaste but it also includes a whitening gel-paste formula that you brush with for a minute afterwards, creating an instantly brighter smile. 

 THE DURATION: All up it takes only two minutes, morning and night. Super easy to remember too because everyone brushes their teeth morning and night.

 THE RESULT: I can instantly see a difference after using the formula. My teeth are as clean as they are visibly whiter, so it kills two birds with one stone! I do feel that you would definitely need to use this product continuously to maintain the level of whiteness. 

 PROS/CONS? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I can’t think of any cons to using this product as it is so easily transitioned into your night and morning routine.

 WOULD YOU USE AGAIN? Yep, absolutely! It’s great for anyone who is time poor or forgetful because it literally only takes two minutes.  

 OUT OF 5 STARS? 4.5 / 5

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Adelaide hairdresser and style director of Boris the Cuttery on The Parade, Norwood, Adriana’s experience has seen her work on clients including Miss Universe Australia, Olivia Rogers, Jesinta Franklin and Westfield stylist Jamie Reilly. 


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 THE PROCESS With activated charcoal as the primary ingredient, this 100 percent natural teeth whitening powder lifts stains. To use simply dip a wet tooth brush into the black charcoal powder before brushing your teeth like normal. Brush in circular motions before rinsing out.  

 THE DURATION The product should be used for a total of two minutes. I found I needed to brush my teeth using my regular toothpaste afterwards so all up it took four minutes. 

 THE RESULT Cleaner feeling whiter teeth! My teeth felt cleaner and after using the product for a couple of days I could see a difference in colour. It tasted great too. 

 PROS/CONS Carbon Coco was quite messy to use and it did leave residue in between my teeth, so I needed to brush with a clean toothbrush afterwards, but all in all a great product. 

 WOULD YOU USE AGAIN? If I’m in a rush, yes. It’s a nice quick way for a freshen up.