Quick Fire Questions with Lily Nova

She’s one of our states most recognised faces, but how well do you know the talented and hilarious Lily Nova? We sat down with our Spring #35 cover girl and asked her the questions on everyone’s lips! 


My last big-ticket purchase was…
A rainbow Burberry backpack. I recently got told I’m the only person who could wear it without looking ‘preppy’ so I guess that’s nice. 

Favourite Aussie label
Paulo Sebastian and Keepsake the Label.  

Biggest fashion faux-pas

If I wasn’t a model I’d be…
Probably a writer. Maybe an actress. Definitely in Uni debt. 

On a night out in Adelaide you’ll find me…
I’d love to say I’d be riding the bull at The Woolshed, but I think I’d just be having a couple of quiet drinks with my friends. 



Exercise and fitness 
I do pilates or yoga as much as I can. I think it’s important to do something active every day, but it’s more important to work out for the mental health benefits rather than to look like some girl you’ve seen on Instagram. 

I’m celiac so I can’t eat gluten otherwise I’ll die. I’m also vegetarian, so I really make it hard to go out anywhere. To all the restaurants I’ve ever been to and will go to, I’m so sorry I am this way.  

I don’t have any secrets to my skin, only my mum’s genes to thank and my dad who would tell me to walk home from school with an umbrella in summer to protect my skin from the sun. My friend called me ‘umbrella dork’!

So far this year my hair has been dyed nine times (I went a bright raspberry red for the Miu Miu show in March), so I really have to look after it. I discovered Palmers Coconut Oil Formula and I regularly use their protein treatment and leave-in conditioner spray.

Beauty essentials 
Mascara, moisturiser, sun cream, my Burts Bees strawberry lip balm and an eyebrow pencil so I don’t look like an egg.   

Dying to know more? You can read up on our full interview with Lily Nova in our latest issue.
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