Le Périple: Making A Splash in Swimwear

Two Adelaide girls are at the forefront of sustainable, eco-conscious fashion with the launch of their swimwear label Le Périple. Using fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and fishnets sourced from the ocean, Ivana Milosevic and Lisa Chakiris have created a range of high-end swimwear that is not only fabulous, but also helps to reduce the waste in our oceans.
We caught up with the girls to find out more about their environmentally-friendly label, life as SA-based designers and what’s next for the brand.  

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 What made you decide to create a swimwear label? 

Lisa: We both love fashion and we are both business-minded and creative people.  

Ivana: We travel a lot and would always see the same old swimwear styles over and over across pools and on beaches everywhere. So, after some brainstorming and researching over a few glasses of wine we decided to create an innovative swimwear range that bridges this gap, is bold, fashion-forward and supports a move toward sustainability.  

Your collection is made from recycled plastic bottles and fishnets. Can you explain how this raw material is transformed into wearable swimwear? 

Ivana: We’re working with two of the world’s leading recycled textile suppliers, Repreve and Carvico. Both go through a technical process from start to finish, which sees both the plastic bottles and abandoned fishnets being broken down into nylon chips and then reconstructed into the fibres to create the fabric.  

 What made you want to create a sustainable, eco-friendly brand? 

Lisa: We really feel that as consumers we’re all becoming more aware and educated on the affects that our waste has on the environment and are trying to create a positive difference wherever we can. We wanted to create these innovative pieces using fabrics that are made from reconstructed consumer waste to eliminate some of the burden on our environment. It also shows that sustainable, eco-friendly fashion doesn’t mean style and quality have to be compromised!  

What’s your favourite piece from the collection? 

Lisa: Ivana loves the sSecond Chances one-piece because it’s sleek and versatile and I love the Roehampton bralette – it’s a statement piece! 

 Where do you see your brand in the next five years? 

Ivana: We see our brand being accessible internationally, expanding into women’s apparel and accessories, while still doing our best to support and drive sustainability. 

 How does it feel to be emerging designers in South Australia? 

Lisa: We are very proud to be South Australian born and raised, we’re fans of both Acler and C/MEO and really admire their amazing work and success. We’re very much looking forward to launching this brand and hopefully taking it to the international stage! 

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 My last big ticket purchase was…
A pair of bright yellow Stuart Weitzman pumps. Next is Sophia Webster heels! 

 If I wasn’t a fashion designer I’d be…
 A travel journalist. I love exploring new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people.  

 On the weekend you’ll find me…
Snuggling on the couch (not together!).  


 My last big ticket purchase was…
A Balmain bag. 

 In my handbag you’ll find…
Chocolate, MAC lipstick in M’Orange, Byredo Gypsy Water perfume and a whole bunch of random things like old airline tickets and pens! 

 My style icon is…
Hands down Olivia Palmero. She’s chic and sophisticated. 

You can view Le Périple’s collection at this year’s Adelaide Fashion Festival event, SA Emerging Designer Showcase presented by Spendless Shoes this October 18. For Tickets, click here. 

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