HOW TO: SA Bartenders Share Top G&T Recipes

Today is international gin and tonic day! What better way to knock-off from work than with an ice cold, refreshing G&T to start your weekend? We went to Adelaide’s top bars and asked the gin experts their favourite way to enjoy the classic beverage – and how you can recreate it at home!

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Prohibition Liquor Co.

 Learning to create the perfect G&T wouldn’t be possible without the help from local distillers themselves! We asked Adam from Prohibition Liquor Co, his top-tips for creating his favourite G&T!
1. Choose a good gin
2. Match your tonic to your gin: If it’s a gentle gin, use a gentle and low sugar tonic – we prefer a dry tonic like Capi Dry or Fevertree Mediterranean.
3. Match your garnish to your gin. Lemon or cucumber don’t go with ALL gins. Our gins are better with Blood Orange or Ruby Grapefruit for example.
4. Get the proportion right – 2:1 Tonic to Gin or 3:1 at the most – so as not to dilute your gin too much
5. Plenty of ice. A good G&T, like revenge is best served cold!
Recreate at Home
30ml Prohibition Original Gin
90ml Capi Dry Tonic
Plenty of ice
A slice of dehydrated blood orange to garnish.
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Lady Burra Brewhouse

The go-to for an after work drink, Lady Burra Brewhouse on Topham Mall, is one of our favourite spots! Using 78 degrees or Four Pillars gin, Lady Burra’s manager, Miguel says the following ingredients are his choice of gin & tonic as pairs well with Capsicum and Rosemary, a very common choice of garnishes in Portugal! This also adds a smoky and spiced flavour to it. A hot tip for creating a G&T at home is to serve in a wine glass as it allows the botanicals of the gin to breathe better!

Recreate at Home
30mls of Gin
4 slices of fresh red cucumber
Fresh rosemary
Squeeze of lime wedge
Fill the glass with ice to the top
Top up with tonic water
And on top dehydrated lime wheel

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Hains & Co

Nestled away on Gilbert St, the sailor inspired, Hains & Co is a great spot for a casual drink with friends – but their drinks are anything but! Specialising in gin, rum and whisky, their Crimson Mainsail Cocktail is both sweet, rich and fruity and uses Sloe Gin!

A nautical riff on a Sloe Gin Sour, the Crimson Mainsail has a sweet, rich & fruity palate thanks to Elephant Sloe Gin, which is complimented with the acidity of lime, texture from egg whites, and finally a little kick thanks to a dash of Makers Mark Bourbon. 100% chance to turn you into a pirate after consumption*

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If you’re a gin lover, chances are you’ve been to Leigh St and paid a visit to Udaberri. Gin specialists, the team at Udaberri know their way around a delicious G&T. We had a chat with Ben who let us know how to create their tasty Never Never Gin & Tonic at home.
Served with charred orange, cinnamon & Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, the charred orange incorporates a rich citrus profile which is complemented by the cinnamon as it infuses into the drink.
30ml Never Never Triple Juniper
2 – Thin orange wedges
3 – Shards of cinnamon bark
top with tonic {around 150ml}
First, char the orange wedges on one side with a blow torch or on a grill. Add to the drink while still warm along with the cinnamon & gin. Fill with ice & tonic. Gently stir. Be careful not to over dilute the drink with too much tonic as you’ll loose much of the flavour. Top Tip, Use as much ice as the glass can handle.
Hennessy Bar

Love a gin and tonic but in the mood for a cocktail? Look no further than Hennessy Bar! Their ginspiration cocktails are as unique as they are delicious. Our two favourite are the 78 Degree Gin with grape, cinnamon and pink tonic, or the Scapegrace which combines blackberry Jam and Lavender with a mediterranean tonic.  To enjoy, a 45ml pour of the above gin is precisely matched with the recommended garnish and Fever Tree Tonic Water – delicious!

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