5 Minutes With Isabella Giovinazzo

Known for her role as Phoebe Nicholson in Home and Away, Isabella Giovinazzo has graced our tv screens once again, this time as Jessie in Network Ten’s latest series, Playing For Keeps. Focusing on the glamorous lives of AFL footballers, the hit show explores the football world from the view of the wives and girlfriends of the players. Coming down for this year’s Adelaide Fashion Festival, we had a chat with Isabella on all things Playing For Keeps, Adelaide and, of course, Fashion! 

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You play Jessie in Network Tens’ successful new serious, ‘Playing for Keeps’. What is it about the show that you love?

What I love the most about our show is that each of the five women are strong characters. There are no followers in the group, there isn’t a soft one or a meek one, as there sometimes is in stories to create contrast. Nope. They are five tenacious, individualistic, bold, smart women.

Do you relate to your character Jessie at all? How do the two of you differ?
I’m so fond of Jessie, she’s so strong, so much stronger than I am. I learnt a lot about solidarity, and standing for what you believe in no matter what life throws at you, from playing this character.

 Do you think you would make a good WAG in real life?
I would make a terrible wag in real life. I’m too scrappy. Real wags tend to be so supportive and reliable, I’ll be off somewhere doing irresponsible things.

 Before filming, who were you most excited to work with?
Before filming I was excited to work with Jeremy Lindasy Taylor. We did a few little scenes in Home and Away together way back when, he’s so good. I’ve been hoping for a chance to do a meaty scene with him ever since and I got my chance on Playing For Keeps.

 Do you have a favourite co-star/s?
No I don’t have a favourite cast member, I love them all. Actual love… it’s a really special bunch of people.

 Can you give us any spoilers as to what to expect in the upcoming episodes?

Jessie’s romantic relationships are not what they seem. Stay tuned…

You travelled to Adelaide for the Adelaide Fashion Festival. Have you been to Adelaide before?
I’d never been to Adelaide before! I wish I could be here for longer! I’m so into food so I want to eat my way across the city. I was at Sean’s Kitchen for the Vogue Kitchen event which was so good.

 What events at this years AFF were you most looking forward to?
I most enjoyed the SA Fashion Showcase, it was so exciting. There are some great things happening here at the moment. I loved everything Stephanie Chehade is doing, I wore her designs to the Vogue Festival launch.

 Who is your favourite Adelaide designer and why?
Autark does some amazing pieces, I’m a big fan. Simple and beautifully made.

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Favourite Football Team
My favourite football team is Geelong of course. Go Cats!

If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life…
If I could only eat one meal forever it would be pizza. Greasy, salty pepperoni.

Favourite Movie
I love The Hurt Locker, Die Hard, Hook. I also love The Truman Show. Love movies!

The actor/actress that inspires you most
The most inspiring actor to me at the moment is Robert DiNero. I Watched Gooddfellas the other night and he’s so focused on the story. So clear and true. Raging Bull is up next when I get home.

First Designer Splurge
My very first designer splurge was Louboutin white pumps. My gosh I love them.





Playing for Keeps airs Wednesdays at 8.40 on Network Ten.
You can catch up on all the latest episodes here.