Interview with Montie Waraich | Singapore House

Go on a culinary journey to south-east Asia when you visit this vibrant Asian-fusion restaurant on the outskirts of Adelaide’s CBD. 

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 Singaporean food is a blend of cuisines that tell the stories of south-east Asia. From Malay street food and spicy Indian curries to Chinese-style greens, the diverse flavours take you on a culinary and geographical journey. Singapore House in Frewville pays homage to the hawker markets, fishing villages and traditional techniques with a diverse, mouth-watering menu. The result is a fusion that works. We chat to Indian chef Montie Waraich to find out more about the Singapore House experience.  

 You grew up in a North Indian village where food was a big part of family life and community – what are your first memories of food? 

Watching my mum roll out roti. There was such an interesting method and technique needed to roll out and cook the perfect roti. Not too thin and not too thick; and getting the right temperature on our tandoor at home so that there was the perfect balance of crispy edges and softness.  

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 What experiences/people have influenced your cooking? 

What I love about food is how you can use it to communicate a feeling or conversation, and how it brings people together. Food can tell a story and share an emotion. We have many fond family memories that have started with ‘what are we going to cook?’. As for inspiration, preparing food for my family, especially for celebrations and special occasions, is a constant source of inspiration.  

 Singapore House offers a fusion of flavours – why do these flavour combinations work? 

Our cuisine is all about the coming together of different flavours from south-east Asia. We want to bring a world of culinary influences to dishes designed to please your whole family. It’s not strictly Singaporean cuisine and it’s not trying to be. Instead, it’s an example of how fusion should work on a plate, and it’s a reflection of the love I have for the food from my childhood, my French training, my passion for Asian flavours and drawing from my wife Hailey’s Euro-Sri Lankan heritage.  

 What is the must-try dish at Singapore House? 

I have a few favourites! Street food fish (barramundi), salt and pepper eggplant, lamb cutlets, yellow duck curry and crab and wombok dumplings.  

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Sweet or savoury

Favourite cuisine
Asian fusion. 

Favourite family recipe
 stuffed roti with cauliflower and onion. 

For dinner tonight I’ll be having…
 leftover panrolls (a traditional Sri-Lankan pancake with a spiced beef and potato centre that is rolled and fried). 

When I’m not cooking I’m…
Spending time with my daughter outside in the garden.

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Singapore House
203 Glen Osmond Road, Frevwille
08 8379 4405