HOW TO: Create a Summer Flower Garden

We are so lucky here in Adelaide to have such a wide variety of flowering plants to choose from. Whether you have a small space, large garden or a balcony, you can easily create a beautiful flower garden for the sun or shade during these warmer months! We headed to Norwood Garden Centre and had a chat with Emma on which plants are best for each space.


 Geraniums. These are well suited to our Mediterranean climate; easy to grow and they flower abundantly making them very rewarding. Geraniums are adaptable to full sun exposure or part shade and will grow very well in pots or garden beds. There are upright bushy plants, or trailing/hanging varieties to choose from so they are very versatile.


Petunia’s are fantastic warm weather plants, available in hues of white, blue, pink or red. Like Geraniums, these are easy to grow and produce an abundance of flowers all season. Well suited to full sun in pots or garden beds, Petunia’s too, come in  upright and hanging varieties.

French Marigolds in bright yellow and orange definitely brighten up any spot in the garden and the flowers are edible! These are easy to grow in full sun to part shade, in either pots or garden beds.

Petunias and Marigolds

Roses are one of our biggest selling plants, they grow very well in Adelaide gardens and we stock several varieties that flower profusely throughout the warmer months. Roses are happiest in full sun with regular fertiliser. Our experts on staff can help you find the perfect rose to grow in your garden or in a pot.

Sunflowers are one of our most sought after plants and are easy to grow from seed. There are tall and short varieties available – the short being great for pots. Raise the seeds in little pots and then plant them in the sun.

Carnations/Dianthus are making a comeback, due to their robustness and lovely scented flowers. These grow well in full sun, in pots or gardens and with tall and short varieties available your sure to find one to fit into your space.


Hydrangea’s are a warm weather favourite, that look great in pots and mass planted in shady garden beds. Hydrangeas are deciduous shrubs so like Roses will lose their leaves in winter, re growing and flowering in spring and summer.


Plectranthus sometimes called Spurflowers are a hardy, warm season range of perennials with blue, purple, white or pink flowers. Foliage colour also differs from grey to green varieties – the green being most suited to the shade and semi gardens.


Clivia are a very popular choice for shade pots and gardens, the large strap leaves are evergreen and they flower in the warmer months. Clivia are available in orange or yellow colours.


Impatiens are delightful plants that thrive in the warmer months producing lots of flowers. Great in pots, hanging baskets and shaded garden beds, these are available in a wide range of colours from soft hues to an almost fluoro orange.

Begonias are always very popular for shade gardens and they love the summer months. Flowering well in pots, hanging baskets or garden beds, We have tall/medium cane Begonias and smaller bedding Begonias available in a range of sizes. The leaf colours vary from variety between bright green to bronze and the flower colours come in shades of red, pink, orange and white.


The perfect flowering filler plants for any gaps in the garden and to add extra fullness in pots include Lobellia, Alyssum, Nasturtium, Seaside Daisy, Chalet Daisy, Snapdragons, Cosmos, and Thyme. These all come as seedlings so are especially easy to plant out.

All the flowering plants listed will appreciate regular watering and a dose of liquid fertiliser to keep them happy all summer!

To start planting your flower garden for summer and spring, head to Norwood Garden Centre.

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