Get Festive with House Rules’ Jess and Jared

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas…In Rundle Mall that is! In celebration of the holiday season, Rundle Mall have teamed up with a number of local, South Australian creatives to design 12 festive windows throughout the mall. Two of these creatives are, of course, Jess and Jared who starred in the latest series of House Rules on Channel 7. We chat to the Adelaide couple on their Christmas traditions and what the holiday season means to them.

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How do you and your families celebrate Christmas?

Both of our families celebrate Christmas like most Aussie families do. Good food with our closest family. Mine is a bit more extreme than Jared’s. Jared’s is a lot more relaxed whereas mine is heavily planned to a tee (I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing haha).

Jess, you mention your family tradition is having a colour theme every year. Are there any other family traditions between both yourself and Jared?

We actually don’t have too many traditions yet, once we had our house renovated I said I’d like to always get a real Christmas tree for Christmas as it’s something I’ve always wanted growing up. I think that will be our main tradition going forward!

How will you be decorating your newly renovated home?

We’re excited to put a lot of effort into the tree but we haven’t actually thought too much about the rest of the house yet. I should get some tips from my mum as she has every corner in her house Christma-fied. I’m sure once I hit the shops I won’t be able to hold back with decorations.

What made you team up with Rundle Mall to create the window decorations for this Christmas?

Once Jared and I shot the Rundle Mall Christmas campaign we thought it would be perfect to be involved in the Christmas window decorations. Then when we heard the overarching concept we were excited about the project. Given we had just completed House Rules we thought it would be a nice opportunity to collaborate with Rundle Mall and share with the public our Christmas style.

The new installation featuring 12 windows, all created by South Australians, are now on the Mall and surrounded by gorgeous Christmas trees full of lights. We’re really proud of how everything has turned out and to be part of it.

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How did your renovation inspire these window decorations?

For our Christmas window we put in items that we would love in our home! We’re actually in the process of changing a few areas in our house and a black round mirror and rattan pendant light are on the top of our list. You don’t need a lot of decorations to make your home feel ready for Christmas. A beautifully decorated tree and wreath is enough, it’s all about the execution.

What do you love about South Australia during Christmas time?

We both love the vibe during Christmas time, everyone is just happier. Pre and post Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Everyone is on holidays, spending time with loved ones celebrating with delicious food and drinks.

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What are you most excited for this Christmas?

I love seeing all the beautiful Christmas lights and the decorations throughout the Mall! Everyone is in such good spirits around Christmas time, it just put you in a better mood!

Any special items on the Christmas list this year?

This year I would love a Sony Cyber Shot camera (hint hint Jared! haha). Like any female, clothes are always top of my list! New gym wear too!

Favourite food at Christmas time?

Cheesecake and a good Christmas platter are my favourites!

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