Tell Him What You Want – Pure Envy

As females, we’re pretty good at getting an inkling that something is going on. So often we hear from newly engaged ladies who say they had a gut feeling that he was maybe about to propose, even if they were too scared to admit it out loud to others – just in case. But, there is a few things you should probably (definitely) think about if you feel, just maybe, he might be popping the question sometime soon!

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If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably got some idea, (or you absolutely know!) what your dream ring looks like. The moment when he’s on bended knee and opens that box, you want to look down and be in awe of what he’s chosen for you to wear on your finger for years to come. If you’re like most ladies you want to be ecstatic about showing it off to all of your friends too. Being able to say “look how good he did!” is one of the proud joys about announcing your engagement – and believe it or not your reaction is what he’s searching for when selecting the perfect ring too!
Here’s the thing though – don’t make the mistake of not telling him what you want. Guys are nervous and often overwhelmed when choosing an engagement ring. They can get stuck in styles, diamond shapes, research, proposal plans and in the midst of all of this they often get caught in price comparisons, falling for fake sales or missing the crucial signs about rings of differing qualities – and there’s a LOT of dodgy rings out there.
Fake diamonds, diamonds that fall out, rings that can’t be resized, diamonds cracking and breaking and dodgy thin and hollow bands are things that are probably important to you. If you’re the kind of person who likes nice things in life, and can see the difference between a $10 t-shirt and a $50 one, then you’ll probably also see the difference in a quality ring and one that’s been put on ‘sale’ and marketed as a good deal!
We’ve heard all the horror stories…
Rings that were bought online and marketed as “diamond rings” but really only the smallest stone was a diamond. Guys that went out and purchased a solitaire because they knew it was her favourite style – but the finish of it isn’t like anything she wanted and they have to go and have it re-made. The guys who think they’ve got it right and have saved some money but then she is showing her friends and they all notice a black mark in her diamond. The ring that doesn’t fit but they can’t find anyone to re-size it because the quality of the ring isn’t up to scratch and nobody will touch it. We’d be here all day if we continued. It’s story after story of engagement times that should be filled with happiness and excitement, but the ring steals the show for all the WRONG reasons.
So, when you’re dropping subtle (or not so subtle hints) about styles that you might like or sending through more obvious photos of your dream ring hoping that he gets it just right, don’t forget the extra details too. If you’re the type of person who thinks quality counts, tell him!
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When we work with our clients, only a small percentage of what we discuss has to do with the actual design – because there’s so much more to it. This is a symbol, a moment and a memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Your ring should be uniquely ‘you’. It should bring happiness and excitement to your engagement, and you deserve those moments you’ve dreamed of where you get to show all of your friends and family just how amazing he is and how well he knows you with what he’s created, just for you. These aren’t things that should be taken away from you, and it’s an industry where these moments and this magical experience is being robbed from couples everywhere by pretty marketing tactics.
To us, it’s a time where honesty counts and relationships are important. Who are you, what makes you tick.? What’s the ring that’s going to light up your face every single time you see it. These are the questions we work together to ask and the extra details are what’s so crucial in this process. Your engagement ring is a time where quality absolutely counts. Make sure you tell him. Making him the hero is the best part about what we do, because like you we understand that these extra details matter. Honesty, quality and bringing dreams to life is what we do. We’d love to help him do it for you too.
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