Style and Etiquette: Jess Dover’s Tips for Race Day

The 2019 TAB Adelaide Cup ambassador, Jess Dover, talks us through her top race day do’s and don’ts, as well as some tips for surviving the day in style. If you’re unsure how you’ll keep your hair or your makeup in place, or you want to read up on what not to do this Adelaide Cup, take a look below…



  •  It’s such a long day, so wear something comfortable.
  •  If you’re wearing something beautiful that you want to be snapped in, make sure you take your photos early! There’s nothing worse than getting all dolled up and not taking photos!
  • Last but not least, make sure you’re prepared and pack your bag with everything you need.


  • My biggest ‘don’t’ for Adelaide Cup would be to not eat or stay hydrated. It’s a long day out, make sure to eat lots and drink plenty of water!
  • I love hats on race day, but the hard thing about hats is that they shade your face for photos. So if you’re big on getting that perfect Instagram photo, stick to a headband or other form of millinery.

What’s in your handbag on race day?

 I get my makeup done in the morning, so makeup wise I only need to take my eyebrow brush – I have an obsession with brows! Lip balm, to stop my lips from getting dry is also important and I also take mints! All the basics including my phone, card and ID are the obvious ones in my bag. Handy tip –  cotton buds are great for makeup runs!

Top tips for race day? 

Be organised! I know it sounds simple, but make sure you have everything you need the night before. Getting your hair and makeup done may sound excessive, but for a long day like Adelaide Cup it really lasts, so I highly recommend that!


Race day style muse…

I love Rebecca Judd and Jodi Gordon.

 Favourite Cup Day hair accessory

I like headbands!

 Favourite Adelaide designer…

That’s a hard one, I’d say Stephanie Chehade!