I Tried a $450 Facial – Was it Worth it?

I’ve never been the type of person to have a regimented skincare routine, in fact, I’ve never really paid close attention to the importance of having a routine at all (Neutrogena SPF 15 has served me well for the past 16 years). So, when I was offered the chance to try a skin-saving laser treatment at Burnside Cosmetic I thought I’d give it a whirl. Was it worth the goggles (yes, you have to wear them) and the money? Read on to find out…


The Facial

The XEO Laser Genesis Facial is designed to help reverse the signs of ageing by stimulating the natural renewal process of the skin. During the procedure, micro-pulses of laser energy deliberately but safely damage the skin to encourage and activate collagen. This process remodels the skin to leave a smooth, radiant complexion and reduces visible fine lines, facial redness, brown spots and scarring. The procedure requires zero downtime and around four-six treatments depending on individual needs.

Treatment Day

I didn’t realise this facial was actually a medical procedure (due to use of the laser) – it is, which means you have to fill out all the relevant paperwork and sign your life away before treatment can begin. Once done, it was into the treatment room to begin. Co-owner of Burnside Cosmetic, Claire, who is a trained nurse, aesthetician and dermal therapist, along with Dr Chris, examined my skin and informed me that I actually have a mild form of rosacea. Being extremely pale, I always figured the slight redness across the middle of my face was just something associated with being fair – luckily the XEO Laser Genesis is great for rosacea among other things, and also a great facial for someone my age (24) who is looking to prevent and delay signs of ageing.

After a quick clean of the face Claire covered my eyes with black-out goggles and we were ready to begin. Working in sections across the face, Claire moves the laser slowly. The treatment itself is actually really relaxing, it feels like a pleasant warmth that works its way across your skin – it was hard not to fall asleep! Depending on individual skin-types, the settings of the laser can be set higher or lower.

The treatment takes roughly 25 minutes, at which point, Claire begins an Ultraceuticals chemical peel. Depending on the individual, there are different peels that benefit different skin types. For me, I wanted to clear my skin of any build-up and clogged pores, so the Mandelic Acid Peel was the obvious choice. The peel was applied to my skin and left to work its tingling magic for a couple of minutes; once removed my skin was ready to go!

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 4.11.51 pm

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 4.22.40 pm

The Results

Day 1:

Straight after the treatment my skin was honestly the softest it’s ever felt! Any sign of redness were gone and it felt like there was a fine film over my face, it was so smooth! When I arrived back at work, everyone was commenting on how bright, healthy and glowing my complexion appeared. The best part? I could apply makeup straight away as the procedure required zero down-time.

Day 3:

My forehead definitely felt tighter. It’s summer so normally my t-zone would be quite oily by the end of the day, but instead my skin tone is even. When visiting Burnside Cosmetic, Claire told me that I had pretty good skin but a very mild case of rosacea, although I still have these slightly raised bumps, the redness has subsided and I’m still glowing!

1 Week On:

One week on and my skin is still really soft. My makeup applies so smoothly and the slight fine lines I have on my forehead and where I smile aren’t noticeable when using a matte foundation!

Would I Try This Again?

I definitely would have this facial again. Even though my skin is generally quite clear, my skin tone is so much more even now and my face feels plumper (in a good way) after only one treatment. For anyone who has acne problems or wants to improve the appearance of their fine lines and wrinkles, or just help delay the ageing process, this is a great treatment to try – relaxing too! Claire is so knowledgable and helped me with any questions I had. I also found out that to keep your skin in the best condition between facials all you need is a great cleanser and moisturiser – that’s it!

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