ADVICE: Tips from the Experts

Need some beauty, fashion, relationship or home advice from one of our experts? Guaranteed if you’re thinking it, somebody else it too!


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Dr Lurve is a registered psychologist, celebrity speaker and relationship expert. A modern-day cupid for individuals discovering self-love, singles ready to find love, and couples ready to make love last forever.

Question: I’ve never asked someone out before and I’m really anxious. How can I pluck up the courage without being a nervous wreck?

Answer: Feeling nervous and emotionally challenged is a very common response when asking someone out. Try these three tips to help you feel more confident in your approach.

Instead of asking them out, ask them for advice! Ask them about places to go out.

Ask them about places to go out. For example, do you know of any good Thai places here? When you ask for advice, the conversation is a lot more relaxed.

2. Go on a double date! If you’re uncomfortable asking someone out on your own, having a double date can make it a little more comfortable and you won’t need to be worried about those awkward silent moments!

3. Practice, practice, practice. Professional athletes are always training, they don’t wait until the day of the event to practice. They practice all the time. Think of asking someone out in the same way. Every new person you meet will bring you closer to that special someone.


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Jim Kefalianos is co-owner of Sueno Hair on Magill Road with his wife Lia. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, Jim’s knowledge in the latest hair trends, products and methodology are second to none.

Question: I wash my hair frequently (every second day) but i find it gets oily/greasy so quickly! I often use dry shampoo, which works, but is there any other alternative?

Answer: here are several alternatives to using dry shampoo, the latest method is cheesecloth. Take a piece of clean cheesecloth, wrap it around your bush and it will remove oil and dirt as you brush through your hair. There is a Japanese skin care brand called Mirai Clinical, they have deodorising cotton brush liners that are infused with persimmon, so not oily are you removing dirt and oil but it smells amazing too. Kevin Murphy also makes an amazing product called Doo.Over, which is a dry powder finishing hairspray. What I love about this product is not only does it absorb oils, but it also gives the roots an amazing lift with texture.


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For Cassandra, makeup is about painting a story by combining elements of colour, texture and beauty. Cassandra has over seven years experience and is now the resident makeup artist at Mister Morris Salon.

Question: I love wearing matte foundation to keep my makeup in place, but it brings out my fine lines! What do you suggest to keep skin smooth and prevent this?

Answer: The secret to rocking a matte foundation is all in prepping your skin. Hydration is key – this means drinking plenty of water, gently exfoliating, using a good quality moisturiser and a illuminous primer. Treat yourself and invest in your skin, Another tip for those who may be a little heavy handed with foundation application is to try and use as little as possible and follow up with concealer only where needed. This will ensure you look smooth and flawless all summer long.


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With 15 years’ experience in the building and design industry, Renee is skilled in interior design, decorating and product selections. Whether renovating or building a home, Renee aims to create an enjoyable and personalised experience for her clients. 

Question: I want to paint my living and bedroom areas ready for the new year. What are the top colour trends for 2019?

Answer: The colours to watch for are grey-beige (pewter). Pewter is so versatile, it can be used as a blank canvas, then just add furniture and accessories. It creates a richness and depth and can also be used throughout the entire home to create a feeling of luxury. If you want an additional pop of colour, mustard, emerald green and muted pastels are the colours on trend this year.