TASTING AUSTRALIA: The Recipe You Need to Try

The highly anticipated Tasting Australia returns this April 5, boasting a line-up of incredible events taking place throughout the state and right in the heart of Adelaide. To celebrate, we asked ambassador and participating chef, Karena Armstrong from McLaren Vale’s established Salopian Inn, to show us how to recreate one of her recipes – fermented coconut pancake with king prawns and ginger-chilli dressing.

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Fermented Coconut Pancake, King Prawns & Ginger-Chilli Dressing

Serves 6
Preparation 25 minutes
Cooking time 10 minutes
Makes 6-8 20cm pancakes


Pancake Batter

250g rice flour
½ tsp instant yeast
½ tsp sea salt flakes
300ml of fresh coconut milk (or tinned)
Vegetable oil for frying


18 large whole prawns
100g rice flour
1 tsp sea salt flakes
1 tsp white pepper


30g ginger
1 long red chilli
1 tsp palm sugar
4 limes juiced
40ml fish sauce

Salad (use what is in season)

10 cherry tomato
1 squash zucchini
1 cucumber
Daikon radish
Salad leaves equivalent of 1 head of lettuce
Fried shallots
Roasted peanuts


  1. Combine the pancake ingredients and mix until smooth. The batter is best left for at least 1 hour before use and can be made up to 24 hours before use.
  1. Peel the prawns and keep the shells for another day. Putting them in the freezer will keep them at their prime. Combine the rice flour with the salt and white pepper and set aside.
  1. For the dressing, combine the chilli and ginger in a mortar and pestle. Add the palm sugar and pound further. Add the lime juice and fish sauce and taste. Adjust if required. Set aside.
  1. The salad is best made from seasonal ingredients. Finely slice all salad ingredients and wash the herbs. Set aside. Add the shallots and nuts at the last moment to prevent sogginess.
  1. Heat a wide-based frying pan and add some vegetable oil. Dust the prawns in the rice flour and cook in batches, around 4 minutes each side. They are crisp and golden when ready. Add a small amount of the dressing to the cooked prawns while hot.
  1. Heat a 20cm crepe style pan and add a small amount of vegetable oil. When the pan is hot, add a ladle of pancake batter to make a thin layer, turn the pan down and let the pancake cook. Turn quickly to cook the second side and serve immediately with the prawns, dressing and salad.

Karena Armstrong_Fermented coconut pancake

Taking part in two events for Tasting Australia, you can experience Karena’s dishes at the following:

Glasshouse Kitchen Wild Sat 13 April

Family Dinner at Salopian with Karena