Barossa Laneway Festival

Just when you think South Australia couldn’t churn out any more fantastic events, the Laneway Brunch Series rears its delectable head and captures our eyes… and our taste buds! So reshuffle your social calendar this April, this is one event you won’t want to miss.

 Words: Tom Cumming


Debuting as part of the Barossa Vintage Festival, the Laneway Brunch Series brings together two juggernauts of the Barossa Valley: Fleur Social and Rasa Wines. Each powerhouse is bringing its unconventional flair to the table, literally! The four-course brunch will take place at the quirky café/florist hybrid Fleur Social in Nuriootpa and will boast delicious local produce paired with the famous Rasa Wines for each course.

Image: Fleur Social, Nurioopta

The ideology behind the Laneway Brunch series is simple. Inspired by the collaborators’ world travels, this event aims at bringing the hustle and bustle of a big city to the quiet and pristine Barossa. When one thinks of a big city laneway the first thing that comes to mind are the winding and often graffiti ridden laneways of Sydney or Melbourne. The Laneway Brunch Series promises the excitement and adventure of such places but with none of the crowds, traffic or air pollution!


Image: Rasa Wines

The alluring contrast of this event has our mouths watering already. Rasa Wines are known for their unique and refreshing take on wine making, with simplicity and quality at the forefront of their ethos. Fleur Social, also known for their quirky take on the ordinary, have made a name for themselves with their artisanal coffee and food. These two distinct masters of their crafts are anything but traditional and guarantee to bring an exciting juxtaposition between the big city laneway atmosphere and the quiet and quaint Barossa Valley.

The event takes place Saturday 27thof April at 11 am. Tickets are on sale now so be sure to snap them up before it’s too late!